I did it! I got the last spot!

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Got my money today and called the ANA about the coin grading, conservation, and authentication class in March here in phoenix at the convention center. Apparently the class size was expanded from 20 to 30. Guess what? There was only one spot left, and I got it! Woohoo!


I signed up as an ANA member too, to get the discount. Apparently they will send the information through the mail, and I will have to get photographed and get a red ribbon. (She said something about the red ribbon allowing me to be able to go on the dealer floor)


Now I just have to find out the way to get there! I don't have a car, so I'll probably have to take the taxi for the whole time and sleep in a hotel, which can get rather expensive. But I'm excited, this will be my first class. Can't wait!



I'm still trying to figure out how I can log onto the ANA website now that I'm a member. I think it comes in the mail.


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Very good Kevin, congratulations!


I just decided recently that I will be heading to the ANA World's Fair of Money in Baltimore in August of this year. I'm excited! Need to start saving now, could be wuite a costly trip.

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Well, I guess that explains why, when I called earlier today to reserve a place in the class, they told me that space #30 had just been taken and that I was out of luck. :mad:






Seriously, though, congratulations Kevin and enjoy (thumbs u








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Apparently I'm getting some ANA stuff in the mail. Number or something to log in to the ANA website.


I was not given ANA login information over the phone, or any of that. I want to eventuaully loan DVDs or VHS tapes, books, etc from the ANA. Does anyone know if I should call, or if I get this information mailed to me?





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