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Found 9 results

  1. I found a 72' memorial cent (see attachment), first letter of "united" on reverse. is this worth sending for grading? Can anyone help verify, this is an error? Help, define?
  2. I believe this penny might be an error of some sort, possibly a broad strike, capped, or wrong planchet? I don't really know what guidelines apply to which errors... any help would be appreciated.
  3. This recently came back from NGC as a MS66RD. I was hoping for a MS66RDPL. It's currently on it's way back to NGC for Designation review to get the PL added... What do you think? Here's a link to a video of the coin on my Instagram page
  4. Is this a '84 doubled ear???
  5. CoinGod89

    1982 small date?

  6. The cents in this photo are stacked on each other. I will refer to the one on the bottom of the photo as the bottom, not the bottom of the stacked coins. That caused some confusion before. The photo on the bottom shows what a 1992 Close AM penny should look like. The one in the middle is a 1992 Wide AM penny. The one on top is a 1992 but the AM looks wider than the typical wide AM. As you can see the spacing throughout the word AMERICA is just a little wider. Thoughts???
  7. I found a nice 1946 steel wheat penny I have several 1943 and even the missing 4 errors but ,nothing on 1946 ??
  8. I found a nice 1946 steel wheat penny I have several 1943 and even the missing 4 errors but ,nothing on 1946 ??
  9. milomorai

    Zinc Penny

    Just curious about you opinion on this Zinc Planchett 1983-D Penny no copper coating, what Grade, authenticity, value