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  1. No idea how NGC does their pricing, I seem to remember something about wholesale lists ? I'm an Aussie remember guys haha hopefully NGC rep will pitch in some info ;D
  2. 2008-W GOLD $10 JACKSON'S LIBERTY NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO 2008-W GOLD $10 VAN BUREN'S LIBERTY NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO http://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/us/bullion-coins-gold-pscid-75/2008-w-van-burens-liberty-g10-pf-70-price-history-coinid-700308 http://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/us/bullion-coins-gold-pscid-75/2008-w-jacksons-liberty-g10-pf-70-price-history-coinid-700307 Happy because I'll get more $ but should I be keeping these ? I always said they'd be a killer long term investment, such gorgeous coins ! low pop in 70.. PS hi haven't been around hope everyone is well