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  1. Set for sale - complete set best offer. Listed in Registry as T&MSimmons , TPS Roosevelt Proofs. Currently #9 set. I am realist.
  2. Post a blue coin

    Slowly the bluing has increased over the years, started as a halo on the obverse.
  3. Roosevelt Dimes 1950-Date, Proof Issue #10 set in NGC Registery shown as "Simmons Proof Roosevelt's" is for sale. If your interested in a nice set this is a great starting point to see how high you can move up! Offered at $6500.00 NGC Value at $7300.00. If you want the set I would post it on eBay as a buy it now item at the agreed price and ship to you USPS Postal Priority. I am open to other arrangements. You can reach me via email to establish direct communication. tsimmons8552@gmail.com. I can send photos of any specific coins you might want a closer look at. I may increase the sale price as I add or replace coins with higher ranking coins. Thanks for looking!
  4. General Opinion - NGC Overgraded by a Full Point... ?

    This is an old myth that PCGS collectors hype to keep the value of their coins up in my opinion. I have tested this myth several times by cracking a PCGS slab and sending it in to NGC. The PCGS coin comes back from NGC with the same rating as it had in the PCGS slab. Try it yourself and shut up unless you have some facts. At least half of my coins are PCGS however I will not pay more for PCGS.