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  1. Just to put a bow on this...I sent 16 coins in to get graded. Some were not worth that investment, but my friend wanted them slabbed to hand as keepsakes to family members. What I didn't expect was 8 of the 16 to come back "improperly cleaned". Bummer. Anyhow, for the above 3...1882 Morgan UNC "improperly cleaned", the 1934 Peace AU "environmentally damaged", and the 1891 Morgan is MS 61. And the 1899 Morgan Micro-O came back XF "rev scratched."
  2. Hi all - well my friend wanted to keep most of the coins and thought slabbing and noting the name of her grandfather on the slab would be cool for her family to each get a coin or two. I sent in the ones I thought presented the best, based on my very limited knowledge, and while I haven't got the grades just yet, one of the coins turned out to be a variant. Of course I know nothing about it, but NGC notes say the 1899 O is a micro O, top 100. As I said, no grade or other notes yet. Here are scans of the coin for your enjoyment. Sorry that they're not in better detail.
  3. I really do appreciate all of the advice. If I find a coin that is more scarce or in especially nice condition I'll post it.
  4. I had the coins in individual baggies. He gave them a quick glance, didn't take them out, and immediately showed me his sleeve of $18 "common" Morgan and Peace dollars. He said mine were VG/FN and he'd pay $16 for them and sell them for $18 - which seemed like an awful slim margin to me. His "nicer" dollars were individually presented with no prices. Not having listed prices smacks of something fishy. Like the price depends on what he's trying to convince someone of. Anyhow, he also told me the toning lowers the value. Needless to say I thanked him and walked out.
  5. Thank you very much for the feedback. I got a slightly different opinion when I took them in to a dealer this morning. Anyhow, the grading is clearly the real trick here. If high resolution scans were included on a site like ebay...would they sell even if an actual grade wasn't assigned? Thanks again.
  6. Hi all - I am a comic book guy and don't know a ton about coins. Please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong thread. A friend of mine recently inherited her grandfather's coin collection and she does not have any interest in keeping it. I told her I'd try to get some info as there are so many experts on these boards. I know certain years/mints are very important in valuing coins and that information can be found fairly readily. However, condition is equally important and that's where I have no skill. If anyone is willing to chime in on relative condition of these coins and how the toning/coloring affects the value I would greatly appreciate it. The collection has about 20 Morgans and maybe a dozen Peace dollars. Additionally, there are many Kennedy half dollars, Eisenhower dollars, Washington quarters, etc. that I assume don't have much value. In any case, and I hope I'm not breaking protocol by posting 3 coins in the same post, here are 3 of the dollars in fairly representative condition of the collection. The one that is seriously colored is the most extreme example of that. Thanks very much in advance.