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  1. Generally speaking, and in my experience, Morgans bring more graded than raw. That being said, MS-60 thru MS-63 commons may not bring a premium even if graded. MS-64 and up is usually a safe bet. Peace dollars, that's another story. Key dates are always worth the grading fees. Commons in any grade under MS-65 will barely cover the grading fee. MS-65 and up are usually a safe bet as well. The bottom line, however, is for you to follow your heart and enjoy the wonderful collection. Cheers Bob
  2. MS-62 PCGS rattler. Scratch obverse right on holder.
  3. I purchased these awhile back because I liked the design and history. I have been purchasing SCDs off and on since. Not necessarily in a specific focus, but more of what appeals to me. At one point I had a dozen or so of these. Most were high serial numbers. I saved these three because they had the best eye appeal. Some of these can be damn ugly. Cheers Bob
  4. The 66 is Pop 8 with none higher and there are none graded ATS. Cheers Bob
  5. The two lower grades were half expected, but the MS-66 was a pleasant surprise. I have been able to assign a value to the 63 and 64, but there is no sale data for the 66. Cheers Bob