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  1. Title says it all. Made for the Asian market, sometimes available here. Two available! $65.00 shipped or $120.00 shipped for both. NO FEE PayPal. Cheers Bob
  2. The winner is @Just Bob! COINGRATULATIONS! Please PM your address! THE RULES: 1. Post replies as many times as you like, but only your first post will count toward the prize 2. The deadline for entry is midnight EASTERN TIME on 6 NOVEMBER 2020 3. I will use a random number generator to determine the winner 4. YNs are HIGHLY encouraged to enter Good luck to all! Cheers Bob THE PRIZE: Nice, sealed, brand new, hardcover...
  3. Just kidding. The first one was a one-off. I wouldn't break these out. Cheers Bob
  4. Nonsense. Many have asked if this is possible. I just happened to be the one to do it. Cheers Bob
  5. The souvenir wasn't terribly valuable (around $25) and you wouldn't want to experiment on a Lucite paperweight with a nice UNC inside, would you? Cheers Bob
  6. Very simple. I put it in the chest freezer overnight. Took it out the following afternoon. Put it in a bench vise with the jaws at the lower edge of the coin, took a BP hammer, and started swinging...VOILA! Shattered the Lucite and the coin came away clean. I guess you could say, Morgan FREED, man! Cheers Bob