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    Coin grading

    Dear Woodyard, Thank you. All coins would need to be mailed to us. Registered mail is a good way to ship as they will insure up to $25,000 per package. It is slower, but, more secure. In order to submit directly yourself, you would need to upgrade your free membership a paid member of ours with at least the Associate Membership level. Once you have done that you will then have access to our submission forms that you will need to fill out and send with your coins. The following link will show you our services and fees Thank you, Lisa
  2. Hi Horse311, Your order will take about 5 weeks. Thank you, Lisa
  3. Hello morganthebrave, Didn't forget about you. We do not recognize strike doubling as it is just a normal part of the minting process.
  4. LISA B

    Busco vender

    Gracias por contactar a NGC, En orden de enviar monedas a autentificar y graduar con nosotros usted tiene que ser un miembro pago de NGC puede accesar nuestra pagina de internet y obtener una de nuestras membrecias pagas o si desea y puede proveer su direccion y le puedo enviar el formulario de la membresia por correo. Despues que sea miembro pago con nosotros va a tener acceso a los formularios. NGC es una compania que gradua y autentifica monedas nosotros no compramos no vendemos y no valoramos monedas. Si tiene alguna otra pregunta puede contactarnos a servicio al cliente al telefono 800-642-2646. Saludos,
  5. Hello NevadaS&G, We are running at 35+ business days with our Economy Tier. You have the Re-holder and Economy order marked to ship together. The re-holder is complete waiting for you Economy order to be completed. Thank you, Lisa
  6. Hi *CoinNut*, No, that is not true. NGC is up and running 100%. Thank you, Lisa
  7. Hi Mr. Frishberg, NGC is up and running 100%. Thank you, Lisa
  8. Hi, We cannot file any type of claim with the post office until it is 16 business days out.
  9. Hello, Registered mail can take up to 7-10 business days. I'm sure that the post office is also feeling the effect of the virus. Please give it a few more days. I'm sure you will see some movement soon. Thank you, Lisa
  10. Hello, Thank you. If you were to undervalue a coin, we would charge the next appropriate grading fee. Please keep in mind that we will not change the value of the piece. Thank you, Lisa
  11. King_James, As of yesterday we were opening mail that was delivered to us on Monday, March 9th. We should be getting to your order soon. Thank you, Lisa
  12. Hi Steveyo, Yes, if you value the piece more than $300, less than $3000 you will submit on the Early Bird grading tier. Thank you, Lisa
  13. LISA B

    Variety Plus?

    Dear Ferngar, The two DDR varieties are paid varieties so check VP. The 1933/2 overdate is free.
  14. LISA B


    HI, Yes, I am aware of that. At this time I don't know if NGC is going to offer such a service. Thanks, Lisa
  15. Hi, Not sure who you spoke with but that is not correct. As of today your order is at 27 business days. If we are on the same 35 day turnaround your order should ship the end of the week or March 16th or the following week. Thank you, Lisa
  16. Hi All, We greatly apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. Turnaround times are tier-specific, and we have had an increase in Economy tier submissions. We are doing our best to process these invoices, and the turnaround time can actually be shorter than when the coin was submitted. We recommend that you check the current turnaround times before submitting, though these can change without notice. Please note that the time begins after a package has been opened by the NGC Receiving team. Thank you, Lisa
  17. Hello Brycebooks, I have been told the following, We use two harkness references. The ones listed in the American Institute Award reference we have always used the Harkness reference for. The ones listed in the Agricultural and Mechanical Society Award Medals book, we have done for the past 4 years using the Harkness reference. However, even if the medal is not listed in Harkness we still certify them, even if they're engraved. We almost never decline to certify them.
  18. LISA B


    Hello Alez, You will need to mail 3 copies of the submission form with your coins to the P.O. Box that is listed on the top of the submission form. NGC will not be sending you packaging material to ship the coins to us. Thank you, Lisa
  19. Hello, I have checked your submission and I see that you were able to complete it. Thank you, Lisa
  20. Hi Crawtomatic, I've asked our token graders and they said they would like to but no guarantee. If we don't grade it you will only be charged $5 for the grading fee. Thanks, Lisa
  21. Hi, No, those are running pretty much on time.
  22. Sorry it's like this. We are now at at about 30-35 business days.