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  1. Thanks Bob. That looks exactly right! Oldest coin I've ever found in that old building.
  2. I own an apartment building that was built in 1835. I found this coin behind a wall and was wondering if anyone can identify it. It is copper and does not have a reeded edge. The reverse is worn smooth. It weighs 5.7 grams and is slightly larger than a quarter.
  3. Very nice copper you have there dean1345!!
  4. I stopped cracking out NCG and PCGS coins for my albums about 15 years ago. Figured I would need them slabbed when it came time to sell. However, I do still crack out coins from other grading services for my Dansco albums. But it is getting very difficult to find nice coins in those other slabs these days.
  5. Well said exojunkie. I agree 100%. I have cracked many a slab to get rid of this type labeling on coins in my collection.
  6. I always liked the die crack on the obverse as well as the wood grain effect on it.
  7. Nice report and great photography. Sounds like you had a great time. Great pickups there. Love the 1820 quarter and the 1811 half.