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  1. mikesartifacts

    GUESS THE GRADE - 1890-O Morgan dollar

    This one was graded MS64. Hardly a mark on it. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7209/26919700916_b3aab631d8_b.jpg' alt='26919700916_b3aab631d8_b.jpg'>1890-O PCGS MS64 by Mike, on Flickr[/img]
  2. mikesartifacts

    GUESS THE GRADE - 1890-O Morgan dollar

    So, it's been 15 months since I started this post, sorry for the long delay. I do have grading results from PCGS today. Anyone else care to take a guess? '90-O's are notorious for being weakly struck. Hint, it did come back with a numerical grade. 1890-O 1$ PCGS by Mike, on Flickr
  3. mikesartifacts

    Textile Toned Peace Dollar

    Very cool! I have come to like textile toning a lot in the last couple of years, but I have not seen a Peace dollar, with decent color to boot. Nice.
  4. mikesartifacts

    GUESS THE GRADE - 1890-O Morgan dollar

    We are all judging from OP's pics. What I see is rub on high points on obverse and reverse. Specifically, the obverse hair line and cap and eagles breast on the reverse. I see diminished luster. This year and mint are known for weak strikes, this coins strike is weaker than most, but the strike should not impact the grade that much. The rub I see does. We all know how difficult it is to tell anything from a photograph viewed on a computer screen, in an effort to try and show a little more detail here is a quick and dirty iPhone video under fluorescent lighting. I will say that looking under mag, the luster is not disturbed on the high points, no perceivable wear can be seen - just the wildly soft strike areas on the eagle's breast and over Liberty's ear. Video below: 1890-O_video
  5. mikesartifacts

    GUESS THE GRADE - 1890-O Morgan dollar

    Thanks, there does not appear to be any problems; hairlines, rim bumps, etc., but you know this one will be picked apart as the TPGs are more hesitant on a coin like this IMO. Mushiness might keep it out of gem status even if all the planets align for everything else. If it was a an'81-S it would be MS64+ or better all day long. This is the perfect coin to test many things; ones own grading skills, the current status of TPG grading standards, and the potential for a nice ROI. NNC gave it a MS66. I am a gambler and will send it in for sure, not sure of the service yet. If it comes back as a 63 than I succeed in putting it in a respected holder to be enjoyed for what it is by any future owner - it won't be a coin that is scoffed at in an over-graded holder. If it comes back any higher than that is a bonus. we will see.
  6. I took a chance on this one and put in the winning bid on eBay of $84.00. It looked like it had some promise and when I got it home it had a little more. Typical mushy O-mint strike but what a smooth cheek. Try and guess the grade that NNC gave it (doesn't really matter) and try and guess the grade that a real TPG will give it when I send it in. Which service should I send it to? I will post the grade later. Thanks, Mike 1890-O 3 by Balloon tire bikes, on Flickr[/img] https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7290/15825760283_1328ff81c4_b.jpg' alt='15825760283_1328ff81c4_b.jpg'>1890-O 4 by Balloon tire bikes, on Flickr[/img]
  7. mikesartifacts

    1879-S, 1880-S, 1881-S Morgan Dollars (Toned)

    Beautiful toners in the neon spectrum.... Good luck with your reverse toned date set, I know what its like to put a toned date set together. Years of searching. The 1890s will be tough for sure, for my set I had a duplicate for the 1893 slot, and since I was focusing on an obverse set and this was was mostly reversed toned I sold it last year. PCGS AU55. I wish I still had it just from the standpoint that it was tough to find. 1893-O AU55 by Balloon tire bikes, on Flickr