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  1. Here is my Barber Half Type coin that I have in "lay-a-way";
  2. I cherried this one a few months ago; 1865 DDO (PUP: TRUST)
  3. I picked this little beauty up a couple weeks ago;
  4. Really depends on the buyer and what they want to pay for it. The seller can ask for the moon, but may wind up settling for far less.
  5. Here is a recent acquisition; 1908 1C MPD FS-301
  6. If CAC liked my coin (beaned it), then I think they are great! If CAC passed (no bean) on my coin, I begin to question my own ability for eye appeal. Do I get rid of the coin simply because JA did not bean it? Of course not...it is just an opinion.
  7. I can appreciate toners like to the next collector, but some folks are so awful dad-gum proud of them when it comes time to sell, they wind up hanging on to them for a while and wonder why nobody wants to pay what they think that the coin is worth.
  8. Since we are on variety large cents... 1856 N-6 Upright 5 and MPD above the 1 protruding from the neck.
  9. Nice coin. Looks like a obverse double die? Repunched Date, FS-1301.