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  1. I used topical coins with my granddaughter--- I found Tanzanian coins with butterflies and also several Spiderman coins.. ( did her geography report on Tanzania and loves butterflies and Spiderman). There are lots of super hero coins out there if he likes them
  2. PS: if you think it will help jump starting his interest--I have some of the old, brass game tokens in one of my stashes....PM me an address and I'll shoot some various tokens your way ( might even have some old transit tokens from different cities in these mish mash boxes too-- could be nice transitional pieces from game tokens toward coins.............
  3. Great story--thanks for sharing this with us................
  4. I finally started a 7070 Type Set a while ago. I had many of the halves and Dollars already but what I am sorely lacking in is raw copper, nickels and half dimes. I have an 1804 Half Cent in F15 1867 Shield nickel with no rays, buff nickel and Jefferson's of course-- I need the classic and coronet half cents, all of the large cent types, a solid flying eagle, 1859 wreath indian and a 1909 VDB Lincoln-- circulated is okay but problem free ( no harsh cleaning, corrosion, gouges, bent coins etc). Shield with rays 5c, and an AU quality Liberty 5c-- and all of the half cents... Shoot me a price or I also have chests full of acquisitions for trade ( even gold and silver bullion)... we can work it out and there are dozens here at this site who can vouch that I am a straight shooter if not even a little generous..... You can post pics on this thread or just send me a PM here or at my email addy....not a rush but I figure I'd see what fellow collectors had in their vaults before I spent money with others.. maybe a win/win as we both get something new we'd like and liquidate something we have in a back drawer or bought on impulse ( or lost interest in) Thanks, Jackson..............
  5. I've also been enjoying the Queen's beasts coins. I also have kept mine all raw in capsules. Bought the 2019 Falcon coin so I have all 6 ( but just one set of each)--probably will leave a great amount of my coins to the granddaughter as she is my only grandchild to date and has shown tons more interest in coins than either of my daughters.
  6. jackson64


    You know Tom, I hadn't considered that someone might go to the extreme of adding a MM for the sake of filling a pesky hole in their own album collection. Maybe there was never any intent to re-sell or defraud anyone but just trying to fool themselves ( or anyone they might show their collection to)--- either way, a coin microscope, or even my 50x zoom Sony Cybershot hx300 would certainly be able to create a full-screen, clear image and see if the D was added or has smooth flowing metal around it's base... Would have loved to have worked at a coin shop in my youth--or even part-time when I retire in 20 years or so. Alas, I think the brick and mortar coin shoppes are passing ( unless they just use it as a face for an online business.)
  7. jackson64


    Did a little research for you--found something peculiar-- most of the 1936-D coins I looked at with some circulation seem to have the dark area around the D mintmark. Zooming in very close, it appears as if the MM was stamped a bit hard on the die and has left a slight concavity around the "D" which seems to fill with residue/oils/dirt etc.... Most 1936-D's on Ebay have asking prices of about $60 for XF quality ( jumps to $150 ask for a nice AU) but the ones actually selling at auction on ebay are going around $35 in XF... Here's some pics showing the strange, repeat occurance of "the dirty D"
  8. jackson64


    The black around the 36-D mintmark may just be an unfortunate coincidence also as those little dark spots pop up randomly on 80 year old coins ( on Indian Cents they are common and requires a lot of time and discipline to build a set with none) also have seen those black dots pretty commonly on SLQ's. Don't think anyone would go to the time and effort to add a "D" on an MS63 or below non-scarce coin that can be found for $50 or less. The 32-S is solid and your 32-D could go either way since the high points on the obverse appear to have the very slightest "slider" hints but the reverse does not have patina breaks or flat/dull coloring on the top of the wings or eagle's breast--I'd guess it as a 62...........
  9. Hi Ali--I won my first journal award back in 2006, that is at least 9 years of missing journal history-- that is a lot of personal, numismatic chronicling that has been eliminated.
  10. I have not posted a journal this year. I have been one of the more active posters for over 10 years however I no longer see the point. I also am kinda ticked that 10 years of journaling essentially has been wiped away and is inaccessible. I loved going back and re-reading where my collecting interests were at the time and how I have evolved and matured in my numismatic knowledge. I have not purchased a slabbed coin this year--- my longest period since the State Quarters were new. They killed my certified world coin interests, they made the journals tough to navigate and pointless and now graded US coin registries are pointless as it is about the holders and not the quality coins. Salzberg and his greedy ilk have destroyed the Renaissance of the Numismatic hobby--- there won't be a next generation of collectors ( except for the Upper Crust)-- who will buy their precious plastic holders then?--probably 1.4 billion Chines/Asians who it seems are the focus of the company now.
  11. More gold added with below melt start bids--4 dates of Peru 20 sols coins .2709 AGW...$300 or less are the current bids for items at near $350 for bullion price!
  12. https://www.ebay.com/sch/jax462/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from
  13. jackson64

    NGC Registry Awards

    Thank you--and congratulations for once again receiving recognition for your amazing set...........
  14. Vickie--I do have hundreds of slabbed coins and also submit several submissions a year for "proper preservation." I also have 11 albums of quality coins as well as dozens of boxes with 2x2's, several velvet lined chests with drawers of nice coins. ( also several top-5 and #1 ranked graded sets) These coins are simply of roll quality and sell in bags as 90% silver bullion usually. Most are simply worth a few bucks above melt value. Preservation of 20 1942 Walkers, common date VF mercs or circulated Franklins would be pointless.
  15. Yes, mine finally works too. I sent a message to Arch once but no response. I wasn't sweating it though and it is nice to see it fixed now .