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  1. Is My Coin "Too Good"

    Okay, I may have screwed up a bit. I have bought a few of the coins for my Washington album already slabbed and have had to liberate them for my album. The primary reason for this is that a few of the pricier ones I was able to get at a very good price in the grades I wanted and as a plus I got the added insurance with the purchase of knowing they weren't cleaned or had issues I couldn't see with the seller's pictures. I am down to just the final 3 or 4 holes in my Washington album. The final slots are not particularly challenging to fill, I just was looking for nicer detailed coins at a good price. Some of these coins I found in BU grade for little above melt cost and others I found in XF or even VF+ quality for some lower mintage issues. The final 4 coins needed are the 1940-D, 1947-S, 51-S and 52-S, none of which are rare or even particularly scarce--they just happen to be the last 4 holes by random chance. Much of the album was filled with some strategy behind it. I started by buying 2 incomplete albums and taking the decent coins and adding to my singular set. Next came a process of buying the P, D and S together of the same year which got me some great 3 BU runs with some and 3 circulated coins with others. Whittling away any group dates I could ( the prices are significantly better when purchasing 3 coins for an $8-10 cost per coin as opposed to the asking prices of $15-25 often for single slot fillers.) I finally have ended with these four. I tried hunting for the 51-S and 52-S together but there aren't any groups of these 2 dates. I did find some larger lots which I might purchase and can resell the 51 P& D and 52 P & D and make my purchase for the S mint coins a good bargain. My "mess up" was with the 47-S. I couldn't find any group lots of this issue and started looking for just nice single coins at reasonable prices. Most raw BU coins were in the $20 range listed which is about the pricelist costs of $17 for a 63 and $28 for a 64---but low and behold I threw out a wild flyer bid of $30 for an NGC MS66 that was attracting my eye. I actually won the MS66 for an unbelievable $24.50 --I was pretty excited to get a $60 coin for under $25 but when it arrived there was a bit of a conundrum. The coin is almost too nice to break out and stick in an album. If I don't crack it out I'll have to buy another and then what to do with a single slabbed Washington quarter? I already have way too many coins that aren't a part of any set but were just too attractive and well-priced to pass up, so I will eventually crack it out and plug the hole in my album--but for now, I'm just leaving it on my desk and enjoying it.... Here's some pics--It is more of a personal taste thing and I know many here won't see it the way I do, as I love the peachy/rose blush overall on the obverse and the reverse has blotches of really vibrant emerald greens, turquoise and purples...a fun coin but it may skew the "balance" of that page in my album. Oh well, if I have to upgrade a few of the surrounding coins on the page to give the overall look a better blend then that is what I'll do...happy hunting everyone......
  2. All 10 gold coins are still BELOW MELT with their bids
  3. All coins listed this weekend with 99c start bids--quality world gold from sovereigns, rubles, gulden and lire... https://www.ebay.com/sch/jax462/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from
  4. Nice Pick Ups for the Semi-keys

    Nice coin--and a little kibble tastes a lot better when you're looking at that beauty with a loupe
  5. Nice Pick Ups for the Semi-keys

    Well it seems I picked a great set to build a quick and easy album. Already I am down to just ten holes. I also finished page 4- the 1957 through 1964 silver Washington Quarters in BU at barely above melt costs for these coins. Although I have a few scattered S mint dates of the 1930's and a smattering of 1940's, I found 2 quality examples for the series "key date" 1932-D & S coins. I was able to get the 32-S for under $120 plus a $12 discount for ebay bucks. The 32-D I got for exactly $100 but there were fees and shipping so it actually cost me more. I may need to do a submission or two if I wish to finish a slabbed Jersey 1/12th shilling set as they just don't appear pre-graded too much. I already have most of the series raw so it is just a matter of mailing them out. I might as well get my granddaughter's bear-themed coins slabbed too as it is easier for her to handle them and peruse through them when they are in a slab box instead of dozens of individual mint-packed boxes and cases. Happy hunting everyone, I hope there are some collectors still around here--the posts and camaraderie as at an all-time-low it seems. PS: the 32-S is still in a slab as I haven't cracked it out and put it into it's slot in my album yet--these darn, newer NGC slabs don't crack very well.
  6. I am not going to post a long journal full of virtue-signaling and fake compassion. I just wanted to extend a heartfelt message to all of the Coin collecting community who lives in the Houston area and the state of Florida. I especially wish to extend my hopes that all of those at NGC and their families in Sarasota stay safe throughout this ordeal. Submission tracking, guff with grades and mislabeled holders have a way of becoming trivial and returned to their proper level of unimportance at times like these. Again, my thoughts and prayers to all of you.

    Yes, it has even happened for the same series. Sometimes I'll send in 4 or 5 different 10c or $2 Canada coins but of mixed years and some get the queen obverse on the front and some get the design of the sailing ship or polar bear facing forward..it appears to be purely random, willy-nilly as if they don't have much concern about which side faces forward. One can look up a popular series like Canada $20 issues on ebay, and you'll see how arbitrary NGC is with which side faces forward in the holder ( the Queen obverse or the Commem design) Whatever they decided as policy would be fine with me--just would like some consistency instead of the evident, 'whatever, who cares" attitude that is obvious.
  8. Will the coming cashless commerce system be the end of numismatics? Certainly it will affect the number of "business strike" issued coins but will the hobby continue to persevere with Bullion issues and the dozens of commemorative and proof issues annually? I was perusing some news headlines recently and 2 separate but seemingly related stories caught my attention--- The first story had to do with a new record-low physical currency decline worldwide. The global, physical currency has dropped down to an amazing 8.2% of all of the world's money. In certain countries such as Sweden and smaller municipalities in other countries, cash or paper money has pretty much become obsolete. Many other issues are causing this also. We now have the alternative payment methods of Bitcoin, Apple Pay and I even paid for a new Bose speaker at Office Depot with my paypal balance. Obviously credit and debit cards are the largest intrusion upon the domain of cash, but it is apparent that the trend appears to be that technology is grindingly eliminating the greenback. I read also recently where we are essentially in a "Retail Apocalypse" as the old brick and mortar stores are closing by the tens of thousands. Coin collectors saw this happen a decade+ ago as the old-time coin shoppes of our youth have mostly disappeared and on-line webpages, weekly auctions and Ebay have made purchasing coins cash free and incredibly convenient. Amazon and on-line ordering are burgeoning almost in direct proportion to every Sears, Radio Shack, JC Penney and Macy's that shutters it's doors. The second story I read on that same news page was also similar in that it portends the death of cash. It appears that the VISA corporation was offering several hundred businesses/restaurants a monetary reward if they go completely cashless. Yes, the push is on to not just have alternative payment choices and credit but to actually eliminate cash. There can be no arguing that banks would love the elimination of cash and the ability to get a cut of every transaction ( often a cut from both buyer and seller!.) The governments of the world wouldn't mind the added revenue either as billions slip through their fingers annually when people have simple bake sales, yard sales, cash for an old riding mower or paying someone to paint your house or plant a few trees. Anyone with a cell phone could do the money transfer seamlessly. For those without phones ( yes, there are still some adults without phones) it would be fiscally prudent for governments to provide cheap phones. Of course this brings up many discussions concerning everything from National ID's, implanted chips to protect from fraud, the potential tyrranical implications of having all transactions monitored electronically and the ability of TPTB to "cut you off" for whatever reason ( from back taxes, child support or political leanings.) Surely this is a slippery slope but there is little doubt that there is also great upside from eliminating counterfeiting of currency, armed robberies would decline, much of the illegal street drug industry is done with cash and cash is just plain dirty. My personal opinion is that the days of physical money are numbered. I do think that the US Mint will continue in business as proofs, commemoratives and even a limited mintage of mint set/MS coins would be produced to satiate the demand of collectors ( as long as it is profitable to produce them.) I noticed that the journals now allow for polls so I'd be interested in the thoughts of my fellow numismatists......are we going the way of the dinosaurs?

    I also did a journal on this entitled, "One of These is Not Like the Others"
  10. Canadian Silver Dollars/Sets

    PM sent

    While I wait for the right 1916-D Mercury dime to become available ( and at the right price) to finish the final hole in my last album, I decided to start the next one. I decided on a relatively easy set- an 83 coin, Silver Washington Quarter Dollar, Whitman album of 1932 thru 1964 coinage. I call it easy for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I had 4 rolls of mixed-date silver quarters already in my stash. Besides 2 heavily worn Barber's, one holed Seated liberty quarter and a score of low-grade Standing Liberty's, the remaining 120 or so were all Washington's and of a surprisingly wide spread on the dates and mintmarks. I suspect that one of the rolls was from someone's incomplete set they were assembling as almost all 40 were different dates and not the standard roll which usually has 30 1960's coins and a smattering of worn and damaged earlier coins. The second reason I figure that this album will be easy is because there are really no high-cost key dates. The 2 semi-keys, the 32-D and 32-S appear readily available in VF+/XF quality for $150 or so. I figure I'll snatch up some problem-free coins for these 2 issues, already graded and crack them out. I usually keep the labels and tape them in an envelope or flip inside of the back cover for the cracked-out coins. So I was surprised to find that I already owned 58 of the 83 coins for this new album. Since I'm not going to give myself the usual challenge of a small grade/quality range or require appearance similarity--it is just a matter of finding problem-free coins with honest wear to finish this set off. Even if it is easy, it is still fun filling the slots and I still wait with anticipation each package that brings me one coin closer to completing the set. Here's a few photos --- my newly started Washington album and TADA ! believe it or not I actually found an Indian Cent for my collection in an NGC slab--a nice 1889 MS64 BN ( which I listed in the registry for the heck of it but also placed in my true Indian Cent Collection in the Custom page..... Happy hunting e1.......
  12. And Then There Was Just One Needed

    Well my Mercury Dime album set has been a lot of fun to assemble. I have ( for the most part) avoided my usual trap of assembling a set and then "just" upgrading this coin and that coin for another with a little more luster/detail/tone etc etc. I have upgraded about 3 coins of the teens and early 1920's for coins that have a touch less wear. For Page 1 of my Whitman, the general goal is full rims and dates--Page 2 I'm looking for some fasces details/lines and Page 3 ( the late 1930's and the 1940's years) I set AU/BU standards. I just purchased a nicely detailed and problem free 1921-D. The coin is in an NGC slab so I'll have to crack it out for my album. I usually am averse to doing this but since the coin is very solid for the grade and problem free, I have no issue with liberating the dime. Of course that leaves me with just the 1916-D. I have $600 set aside in paypal. I had some unexpected expenses recently but managed to raise the funds for the repairs and left the remainder for the "coin budget." I'm hoping to find a higher detailed G6 or VG8 in that range ( or a little more), which would fit nicely with the min standards for the coins on that page of the album. I never really liked having a bunch of VF/XF quality coins on a page and then a lone G6 which stands out like an ugly eyesore ( even if the G6 is more pricey than all of the rest.) As a side note, I left my Indian cent registry listing up for now although I also created a Custom Set for the series. This enables me to continue to work on the set and have TONS more options for quality coins. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse but there are probably 9 PCGS Indian Cents for every NGC coin and as a collector, to limit myself to a particular plastic holder in lieu of collecting quality coins would be silly. I recently found an 1890 cent MS64 BN that fits my strict parameters and also has the look I love so this leaves me with only the 1892 and 1894 to finish my little indian short set. Happy hunting everyone---collectors adapt and the journals will always be a useful place for me to archive my collecting over the years ( although 10 years of my past journals have sadly disappeared since my registry name and chat board names were sl8ightly different--very disheartening.)
  13. GOLD BELOW MELT-- no catch, need quick flip

    Both SOLD--thanks
  14. No catch--I have a family emergency and need more cash than I have on hand. Got caught off guard with an unexpected issue right after I sent a chunk for kids fall tuitions. I have 2 gold bars from the Canadian mint -serial/assay numbered in sealed packaging for $1200 each...$1235 gets them delivered and I'll split the paypal cost--if you want both I'll do $2450 delivered via USPS priority mail.
  15. First person to PM me gets them...full proof sets in original mint packaging/boxes/coas/... the entire 1999 thru 2008 silver proof state quarter series included, the 2009 Territories set and the ATB first year 2010---also includes the beginning of the Sacagawea coins, the President dollars, the westward nickels coins, the Lincoln Special 100 year set and of course, all of the silver Kennedy, Roosevelt etc from 1999 thru 2010. $425 includes shipping also !! Paypal add $13 ( $438) or send me a check. If I have dealt with you before the coins mail immediately with no delays..........first PM or reply wins...sorry only 1 complete set. ( I have multiples of several years if any are interested just PM me for a list and price)