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  1. Thanks to everyone here for not taking advantage of my over-generous offer-- although I acted rashly trying to secure some quick funds, nobody stepped up on my offer so I listed the 2 kilo coins on ebay instead for a 24 hour sale. They sold for $1350 for the Koala and $1305 for the German Shepherd coin --so I sold them for $2655 instead of the $1550 I offered here. Thanks again to all of you honest folks for saving me from my own laziness.....
  2. Tomorrow morning 1/29/21 this opportunity will end. I will list these 2 items on ebay instead as they are now selling for around $1200 for these Kilo coins and plain silver kilo bars are nearing $1000 each every time. At $27 an ounce for a 35+ oz coin that is around $950 melt value so you can see why I can only extend the courtesy of this offer for a final night.. I was hoping that someone here might profit from the deal instead of corporate giant ebay but I hope you understand that at $1000 on ebay I still will clear $900 instead of $800 even though I made their coffers deeper.. thanks
  3. The wife and I are both in the healthcare field-- until this month we were both very busy at work and remained healthy. Recently we had 3 overlapping weeks of "contact isolation" as I had 7 of my 9 staff in my dept test positive and then 10 days later my wife'sdialysis unit had an outbreak and was shut down. We both are fully healthy and still have our jobs so I am not asking for sympathy or charity as I know many, many have been hit much harder. Was just providing the reason as to why I'm listing a few items for sale to finish a tight budgetary month for us. 2018 Kilo "Year of the D
  4. silver half dollar lot on ebay..almost all are early/mid date years.. 34 coins with 99c start and only bid up to $20 currently https://www.ebay.com/itm/284073545838?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. I do..what series do you collect? I have been getting modern proof sets graded for a while but only collect the $2 Polar Bear coins and the 10c Bluenose series.. I even have several proof 70's in my hoard... For the right price I'd consider selling my entire $2 proof series-- from 1996 to present and even includes 4 Gold coins ( 1996, the $2 Nunuvat, the 2000 millenial gold and the white and yellow gold 2006 10 year anniversary coin) and the scarce/rare Pierfort large silver coin from 1996.. if interested I can fire a price at you..PM me
  6. Cone top and steel beer cans from old, extinct breweries and brands-- some of the artwork on these early cans is wonderful.. Fortunately, the tack room in the stables stays mostly closed and weather resistant so I can display them there. My wife draws the line with my collecting when it comes to empty beer cans lining the walls in the house .. They are nice pieces of Americana
  7. PCGS price guide for a 41-D MS67 FSB is $140...
  8. rons.. nicely toned 1941-D at great collections--currently just $52 for this MS67FB.. bet it goes for < $200
  9. Agreed.. I have a Sacagawea proof set-- I always run a year or more behind but then remember I have them and often- with patience- even get the PF69DCAM date I need for around $10. Rev-- I also have a set of these 2 oz coins. Since I only buy 1 each and keep them raw, I usually get them when released ( the 2020 White Lion coin was purchased a few months ago.) I actually saw the opposite happen with this series though, as the Falcon and a few other Beasts actually kept getting higher in price as time passed.
  10. Ray said, "I am not belittling PCGS or collectors that have them but you have to agree the grades they place on coins is not of the same quality as an NGC grade." Actually, I don't have to agree-- and neither do a large percentage of decades-long numismatists. And even though PCGS coins sell at a premium, often, above NGC coins of same grade/series, I would not agree that PCGS grading is superior either. I don't know what series you collect, but it would be a HUGE sacrifice to collect many of the classic series coins without buying PCGS coins. First, there are some series that appea
  11. I find those labels annoying actually. I have a few yearly sets and I like the holders to match ( for the most part.).. Having a complete set of Burnished ASE's SP70's but one of them is in a weird blue labeled holder does not give the set the orderly feel I like...…. ( I also have a complete Proof Ike dollar set but 2 of the labels are "photo labels" and the coins are in the holders backwards. I've written posts about the annoyance of some foreign coin sets where 25 of 30 coins put the queen's bust on the label side but 4 or 5 coins have the reverse on the label side???? Makes no sense..
  12. Maybe one or two over the past 15 years with USPS, and those were coins under $50 I thought I'd risk with first class...….. As an aside, the Flat Rate small box was just $4 a few years ago and now is almost $8! Couple that with the ebay sales tax and a combined 10% on seller's fees and paypal and coin collecting's "surcharges" seem to be skyrocketing.
  13. That coin looks so much more defined-- from fingers, mountains to simple lettering ( has "depth").. they did a fantastic job and kudos to you for preserving such a fine coin.
  14. You make an excellent point which I have groused about-- the 7070 for all of its variety does not go far enough! The half dollar type sets include separate slots for the 1873/74 arrows coins ( as do the other seated coinage issues).. also I would have liked to have holes for certain series that technically have had more modest changes that are delineated within the series-- examples would be the various types of 3 cent silver coins and "type 2" and "type 3" standing liberty quarter slots--among others. But it is still a blast with always something to search for when you have this kind of vari
  15. I'm really enjoying building my first serious type-set. In the past I have made a Half Dollar type set and a 5c type set but both pale in comparison to the fun and increased knowledge I'm getting with my 7070 set. I have gotten some bust coins for half dime, dime and quarters which I've never owned. I also added several of the varieties ( so far) of the half cents and large cents. I've never owned a Seated Dollar or 3-cent silver so I've had fun reading up on them, figuring out which coins I can afford in higher grades and possibly instead opt for a lower grade but of a scarce date.