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  1. After some recent frustrations with registry sets slots, I have decided to take a hiatus from Grading coins, submissions, NGC vs PCGS and even removed almost all of my Registry "competitive" sets. The frustration has long been building with the politics in the hobby and not just with trying to get through the myriad of confusion associated with collecting any modern series and their innumerable annual issues. Whether it is SP's listed as MS or as PF's, multiple slots for the same coin but with different names, incomprehensible points assignments ( 2000 points for some $50 coins and 300 points for some $1000 coins) or Pop report/census that only even lists about 25% of an entire series--the fun in registry participation has been sapped away. However my love of the hobby remains. This is why I have gone back to my roots--album collecting and raw coins. With my coin cabinet and chests with their velvet lined drawers allowing for better viewing, displaying and the weighted feel as I hold the coin in hand, I wonder why I waited so long. I think it was probably half because I enjoyed the sets listed on a page where I could add photos and had easy access to see which slots were needed no matter where I was. The other reason I stayed was the camaraderie among several members here that I PM on occasion, buy/sell/trade with and have been messaging with for years. Most recently I found an old Whitman Mercury dime album with about 12 coins in it. What fun the past few weeks have been !! Although not as challenging as the old days when I tried filling albums with just the selection from the 2 local coin stores--it is still a lot of fun searching for a certain look, a minimum standard ( full reverse rims and some vertical fasces lines) and hedging on some coins to hold out for a little nicer or a few bucks cheaper. I have re-discovered the thrill of passing up a $12 AU coin which I almost bought, and then later uncovering a $10 BU coin instead--saved $2 and a nicer coin, WIN ! The only downside is that I'll have to learn some improved restraint. As opposed to slab collecting where I may buy a pricey, graded coin once or twice a month- with the album collecting, I can add dozens of nice, quality coins for the same or less the cost. My most recent exciting purchase was a very nice set of Merc BU coins with "several toned" coins from 1940-1945 all PDS complete. The listing was vague and the picture so-so of a single, torn out page from a thumb buster. I won the "page" of toners for just $30 ( barely more than melt). Once in hand- WOW what excitement to find that most had glorious colorful tones and 75% were BU. The 1945 even has strong separation of the midline although not complete. I picked through and have mixed and matched with some "pristine white" coins and interspersed several of the toned beauties ( the rest I carefully removed and put in flips in my coin chest to enjoy.) Unfortunately, I am down to the 1916-D and the 1921 and 21-D to complete the set. Most of the teens and early 20's are in F/VF quality and all of the 1935-1945 coins in AU or BU. I feel at liberty to change parameters or grade limits per page in the album as I please so I've kept every coin pretty cheap to buy. I've never collected a shield or liberty nickel set and think I might start that next with mostly "readable date" and " problem-free" coins in lower grades but with honest wear. After that maybe a Morgan "short set album of XF/AU grades--who knows it sure is a lot less complex now and no disappointments for bodybags, perplexing grading results, massive shipping both ways or 17 to 20% buyers fees! Some photos of my recent assemblage which has reinvigorated my collecting passion. Happy Hunting E1......
  2. Ali, I must have been talking to the wrong person. I get such great, polite service when we discuss things but my discussion on this page with these issues page 4 of "need a new slot" with an NGC rep had me so frustrated I just deleted all of my Canada sets from the registry. Oh well, my "back to my numismatic roots" endeavor has been more fun than the registry has been for quite a while. Thanks for all you have done throughout my time here.
  3. Yeah--NGC registry has gotten weird, almost as if they are being intentionally self-destructive. In 2 of my sets that I collected until a week ago they added slots for duplicate coins with different names. Makes completing the sets 100% impossible unless I buy 2 of the same issue and get 2 separate labels. Also they added a "display" coin which is worth no points but prevents the 100% completion feeling that is the purpose of collectors. There are a few US proof sets where they included the SP coins also ( and also gave out of proportion points for them--look at Jefferson 5c proofs as an example). I am so done with the registry. I am slowly transferring all of my coins to "custom sets" and building the correct slots on the custom set page and will fill them there--I'm not in it for competition anyhow so the custom set works better which allows coins in PCGS slabs also as a bonus ( except for the time to type in and list all of the slots, it is a preferable place to build accurate sets.)
  4. Nevermind--the only "changes" I saw were several thousand points removed from the set value as each coin in both of those sets was reduced. Thanks anyhow, I have decided to just remove all of my Canada sets--in fact, the sets are already gone. 10+ years building #1 sets and I can't take the confusion anymore. Between the plethora of new Canada issues for simple, annual proof sets and the Registry's inability to simply add 2 slots correctly ( The Canada coin census is even worse as about 70% of the proof issues aren't even listed at all--look it up and you can see that roughly 1/3rd of proof dime and $2 coins are even listed at all). I'm going back to raw coins and albums--I'll still enjoy the hobby and as a bonus, I won't waste half of my coin budget on grading fees either.........Thanks, you really have done me a great favor.
  5. After my last reply I checked my email and had gotten a reply from a large Canadian coin dealer---T***sman Coins informs me that the $2 Coin in the "Our Home and Native Land" set, which is called "Dance of the Spirit" because of the Aurora Borealis on it, has also been called in slang terms " 2 men in a canoe" because the coin has the Borealis lighting across the sky as 2 men paddle on a lake in a canoe below. So once again, you added 2 slots for the same coin. The $2 Canada Proof Issues for 2017 are:::: 1) The 2017 150th Anniversary Set- Polar Bear 2) 2017 "Our Home and Native Land" , "Dance of the Spirit" or "two men in a canoe" Pictured are the 2 different 2017 proof sets--1) is the 150th anniversary proof set and 2) Our Home and Native Land set ( Canada is so messed up, the commem coin that has the big 150, is not on the 150th anniversary set but in the "our home and native land set)--you'll notice the " 2 men in a canoe" on the "Dance of the Spirit" coin on the Home and Native Land Set----also you'll notice the "wings of peace" 10c coin in the "Our Home and Native Land" Set. Again, 2 sets, a 150th anniversary set and the second "H & N L" set has a name for each coin---not 3 sets and not 3 different coins and NOT 3 different slots needed for 2017 Canada Proof sets.
  6. I don't know how else to say this---there are only TWO 2017 COINS. The 2017 Silver Bluenose and the second coin is the wings of peace coin FROM the Our Home and Native Land Set. The coins of the "Our Home and Native Land" proof set have individual names--the 10c coin in this set is called "Wings of Peace" PS: I have the "Wings of Peace" coin from the "our home and native land " set already in hand--I simply removed it until you could get the registry list straight--I'm thinking of just removing all of these Canada sets, it is too much work to constantly try and clarify them every year ( it took 5 years before I finally explained the $2 Twonie sets well enough to eventually get the sets correct with all of the different coins and no multiple slots for the same coins---- PPS: For the $2 Twonie sets for 2017, for example, what the heck is the "two men in a canoe" slot? I have checked with several top Canadian coin dealers, looked at the Canadian mint website, googled the words and checked every 2017 Canada coin listing on ebay and have seen ZERO reference of "two men in a canoe"...maybe I'll just remove that set too. I'm thinking that collecting modern series or sets is just insanity or some form of self punishment--definitely not enjoyable trying to keep up with every tiny variance the mints make ( minted in S, minted in W, minted in P, burnished, SP, enhanced finish, first release, early release, first minted yada yada....92.5%, 99.9%..etc etc). NOBODY seems to know what is what. There are 10 different labels and names for the same coin sometimes..." Silver Proof " , "Gilt", "polar bear", 92.5% silver", "alloy"...all names I've seen for the same 2016 Canada Proof $2 coin. (Not to even mention the 99.9% silver proof set with the gold gilt Dollar coin)---insanity.
  7. Hi Maribeth--you guys actually added 3 slots for the 2 issues for 2017. The "wings of peace " coin is from the "home and native land" set--they are the same coins. You had a "wings of peace" slot added as I asked, but when I tried to add my PF70UCAM coin it said "ineligible for slot" and then the next day a new "home and native land" slot was added with my coin in it. Again, the SET is named Home and Native Land, the 10c coin from the set is called "Wings of Peace"--just choose one or the other, that is fine but you have made 2 slots for this same coin--thanks. PS: The 2014 and 2016 92.5% sets I bought have not been graded yet but all of the other Canada Proof Registry sets simply differentiate ex: " 2014 99.9% Pure Silver" and "2014 Silver Alloy"
  8. Canada 10c Proof 1981-present needs 2014 and 2016 Silver "alloy" ( 92.5% silver) slots. Also the 2 slots for 2017- the "150th Anniversary" issue and the special "Wings of Peace" from the "Our Home and Native Land" special proof set. NOTE: 2014 and 2016 already have slots for the 99.9% pure silver proof coins ( 2015 oddly enough only had 99.9% proof sets and no issuance of 92.5% silver alloy coins). In the $2 Twonie registry listing they differentiate simply as "2014 silver 99.9%" and then a second slot "2014 alloy" this would be fine enough for clarity--thanks.
  9. It is ridiculous and demeaning to the hobby.
  10. Beautiful. So many times I see medals that have artwork that shames the average circulation coins. One has to wonder why, if it is possible to design and strike such beautiful coins, do we end up with the mundane images of presidential profiles and "100 ways to depict an eagle'..........
  11. Agreed--I used to have between 100 to 200 "views" within a week of writing a journal. Now that the author name is removed and quick access to a simple journal page is removed ( and seems to appear and disappear on the home page), I have gotten appx 220 views on 6 journals. The journals have been killed--NGC, please restore what was actually working. If the goal was to increase participation in the "chat" boards, then you have failed twice over. Many journal participants and those who enjoy the journal style vs open discussion chat forums are not participants of both. For example, I don't like the chat forums and the myriad of "experts" with their snide comments and numismatic sophistry. Yet I have thoroughly enjoyed the simple stories of collectors who have shared the trials and joys of the hobby over the years. Please, PLEASE return at least this one thing to your long-time customers. I know the openness of the registry to ' the coin and not the holder" is over as first World Coins became exclusive to a single slab and now the exclusion virus has spread to all registry sets. I know that special labels, modern coins plusses and stars have skewed the weight of the point system and I will live with this also as a fact of using the registry. I long ago became resigned to having fees charged and kept when the service is declined for wrong mint, perceived coin cleaning, scratching, banned countries, or artificial toning ( even straight from mint packaging) etc---but PLEASE do us this one solid and allow us little guys our tiny spot of sharing our experiences back. Please?
  12. I noticed that also, 3 or 4 slightly different slabs. I was wrong in my journal--it is 5 coins in each set with the reverse forward and one, lonely coin in each set has the Queen forward ( and each of these have the ANA golden lamp to the left of the grade on the label.)
  13. One thing I feel that is needed in coinage is a uniformity on deciding what is an obverse and what is a reverse. Almost all US coinage is quite simple as we declare that the side with the Bust or Lady Liberty is usually the obverse. There are some instances with modern and classic commemorative issues where there remains inconsistency with opinions on which is the obverse and which the reverse. Things are far less clear with world coins. Many nations don't use busts at all but have National Shields, emblems or simply have variance on both sides with all issues. It remains often unclear which is considered the obverse. Is it determined by the side with the nation's name? How about the side with the year/date on it? The grading services seem to have no idea either- or maybe they just don't place any priority or are unconcerned with the issue. However collectors seem to have a certain inherent desire for uniformity or order in our collections.It seems as if the obverse should always be facing forward on the same side of the coin as the label, be it the Queen's bust, Liberty in one of her depictions or a former POTUS. Yet we don't even see this simple consistency. I have seen PCGS deliberately invert the reverse onto the label side simply because the reverse had some nice toning on it and the TPG decided of their own volition to place the coin in encapsulation with "reverse side up." I have a simple Canadian 10c Proof issue set. The Queen's bust in all its aging glory is depicted on the obverse of all 43 issued coins and my set is 100% complete, yet 11 of my 43 coins have the reverse on the label side and 32 of the coins with the Queen's bust on the label side. I do notice a trend though. Six of the coins with the Bluenose Schooner on the label side are perfect 70's...4 of the other 5 are commem issues with the commemorated event on the label side ( and one PF69UCAM just seems to be reversed for no reason at all, no matter how I try and reach.) Oh well, not the biggest of issues unless the coins in their slabs are meant for some type of display or group encasing. We can always just flip the coin over in-hand if we want to see the other side... What brought this about is the 2 sets I just finished--each having 1 coin inexplicably reversed with the obverse of the coin on the back of the slab. Am I the only one this happens to or has nobody else noticed this randomness? As we always say, it's about the coin and not the holder so que sera sera........ Happy Hunting everyone
  14. Thanks for the tip--such a simple solution that I should have thought of hundreds of dollars ago. I usually don't like to bother people by asking for them to provide extra/personal assist ( I always envision those people who drive waiters crazy by asking, "can I get a drink refill" one minute later, "can I get more napkins" " can I get lemon for my water" etc) but at this point, I am really tired of " ineligible, not gradeable, outside mint, not recognized...yada yada. Maybe I should go back and count how many there have been in the decade+ of submissions and see if they'd give me at least half credit for all of the charges for "grading and encapsulating" that never happened but that I was charged for.....
  15. Along with my recent submission which finished 2 of my Bahamian Silver MS sets, I also added 8 more coins to my granddaughter's growing " bear coins" themed collection. She really does enjoy these coins I find and is not just humoring her pawpaw with the ooohs and aaahs. It is fun to see her loop the 20x loupe around her little finger and stare down at all the small details--shifting and turning to get the right light and focus to get the clearest image ( just as I taught her!) This submission was a strange one from the start. As I checked to make sure the package arrived safely to Sarasota, the initial logging of the coins had 3 of them as "ineligible.' Since I have seen all 3 of the coins that are marked as "ineligible" in NGC slabs on websites, I figured that what the cataloguer really meant was "illegible" since my writing style is somewhat unique in its -script style. As the coins progressed through the process, two of the coins lost the "ineligible" moniker and just one retained it--the North Korean coin. I later received an email informing me that N Korea is on the banned list for grading ( I presume Russia, Syria, Libya, Iran and other boogeymen countries will be soon to follow on the list.) Both of the other coins did end up with issues though--the Greenland coin, which has a value of 1 Piastre and is minted at a legit mint is labeled as " fantasy issue" on the slab. The British Virgin Islands coin which is gold gilt and coated in Rhodium was also bodybagged like the N Korean coin because, "colorized outside of mint.' This simply isn't true, the Pobjoy mint which both minted the plain silver issues and the 500 limited edition, gold-gilt issues is the #1 private mint of European countries and mints hundreds of issues which are recognized as legal currency and are in NGC slabs by the thousands. I have the government packaging and coas to prove it is officially licensed product of the BVI govt. If we accept dozens of FM issues, and coins from small countries without their own independent mints, this coin should be allowed. The least they could do is put the coin in a slab without a grade and say "private mint, ungradable"--then I could add it to a custom set or inventory it as well as have it protected with encapsulation, after all-I PAID FOR IT. I was surprised to be given a credit/refund for the N Korean coin--the first time over the years that I have received my money back ( out of dozens) for NGC not providing the paid service but I'm still hundreds and hundreds in losses for coins they wouldn't grade but kept my cash anyhow. Maybe once they open the box it counts as Tier Service?? Whatever, my bellyaching won't change anything--I'll just blame it on the Russians, like everything else......here are three of my prizes that did get encapsulated. My Greenland "fantasy issue", a wonderfully artistic, geometric rendition of swimming polar bear with cub, and the final one is my newest favorite--a polar bear ( also under northern lights) with actual diamond dust mixed into the silver to give the appearance of glistening snow--really cool stuff...enjoy and happy hunting....