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  1. rrantique

    Your Opinion: 10 Dollar Indian 1911

    I like this one at MS62.
  2. Here is example like Mark is talking about.
  3. rrantique

    Your Opinion: 10 Dollar Indian 1932

    The hit on the headress and the rub on top of left wing a little distracting. But has pretty strong luster.. AU 58+. Hope I'm wrong. Pretty coin.
  4. rrantique

    Follow the lead picture post.

    Maybe this will help move it along
  5. rrantique

    Photo help/direction

    I used a solb to take this shot with diffused light through a paper towel. and got lucky.
  6. Nice addition. Lee another nice addition to the birth year set.
  7. Two very nice additions Joe congrats.
  8. rrantique

    Break from collecting. Hello again.

    Welcome back Blive.
  9. rrantique

    To Track...