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  1. I was very sad to read about his passing ATS. I used to give the guy a hard time about owning every Barber coin there stuff. Now I'm just sad. My condolences to his family. jom
  2. I find it hard to believe CAC is going to ignore. It's even harder to believe TomB is listed as a "newbie". How'd that happen? jom
  3. Sorry..I was not referring to the owner that was "piled" on someone that the owner had talked to who told him (before all of this) the coin was NOT a proof. Several afterward in the thread kind of piled on...turns out he was right. Sure...mistakes happen and it seems to me if the coin is sent back and correct it's a "no harm done" as far as I can tell. And as far as I'm concerned if the 1% fee was never paid then it had to have been a typo/error. jom
  4. So what is the reason here? Was it a print error or did they screw up? The first part of the thread mentioned someone told the new owner it was NOT a proof. This particular individual got piled on after it was disclosed that PCGS graded it a proof. It then turns out this guy was right all along...too funny. Board members should learn they are a LOT of experts out there that know a great deal that do NOT work for the TPGs. Whatever the case, the new owner should just return the damn thing to PCGS and let them correct it. jom
  5. ArtR That HAS to be the same ArtR who posted at PCGS all those years ago. Good to hear from you. As to toned coins: I've never been interested myself unless they are: Bust quarters or Bust dimes or Bust half dimes or Mercs or Buffalos or SLQ or..... jom
  6. Looks genuine but if you don't like it ship it back. Sounds like he knew it was a less-than-stellar MS65...he probably got an upgrade from a 64 and your lowball offer was a good quick profit for him. jom
  7. Jom, I'll point out to you, the two examples I pointed out to Nick in an earlier post: A (higher grade) PCGS/CAC AU55 brought (only) $3760, just last month. And an even higher grade PCGS/CAC AU58 brought $5757 in April. Even though we don't know what the cause was, clearly, there was a lot more than just the CAC sticker, which accounted for the AU53 bringing $8800. OK, I accept that. I just thought I'd toss that out there...whatever the case I hope the buyer DID view the coin! jom
  8. I find it interesting the coins brought big money with an auction company that "most of the time" doesn't have lot viewing. Sure you can lot view...I do since I live close by...but what are the chance the two bidders were able to view? If this were a regular Heritage auction I wouldn't bring this up but GC? I don't know... Maybe the sticker DID help. jom
  9. I'm not a huge fan of Morgans but I love that! jom
  10. So many courses are graded on a curve these days. Like many non-science/engineering classes, numismatics too has been plagued by rampant grade inflation. Trust me when I tell you it's within science/engineering as well. jom
  11. If anything it is a negative. If I'm at a show and some blowhard dealer is saying these things I generally end up not trusting him/her (almost always him). In catalogs or eBay I ignore most of that. I'll know once I see a coin whether I'll think it is special. I don't need anyone to tell me that. jom
  12. I love the Dansco toning on the clad quarters! The 68D is especially nice. Here are some CBQs. There are not a lot of this with toning like more modern issues but I grab them when I can. jom
  13. Love the 1895 (MS64) a lot. How come no CAC? jom
  14. I suppose I could just look it up but...I'd say MS62 if I see hairlines on the cheek. I could be wrong though....what did it get? I'm too lazy to look it up. jom
  15. While I've NEVER "ignored" a poster I am able to not respond and am able to gloss over stuff without getting upset. Maybe because I'm older or whatever but these kinds of things (most of the time) just slide off. You should try makes for easier living. Talking politics and religion is a waste of time on the just gets nowhere...people's minds aren't gonna change and neither is mine. So it's probably good the moderators avoid this. However, I do believe that HTT thread should be a "sticky" thread at the top. It's pretty significant, IMO. For disclosure if anyone gives a damn: I'm a who thinks the party has lost it's way since Reagan. I consider myself Libertarian: social liberal, fiscal conservative. I don't believe in wars. I'm agnostic religiously but I think people should believe what they want. I don't care whether "God" is part of the Allegiance nor do I care whether there's a nativity scene at city hall. I also think gays should be able to get married. NONE of these affect my life so why would I care how others run their lives as long as it doesn't affect me? If I don't want to say "God" in the Allegiance I won't...I'm not going to try to force 90% of the country who DO believe in God not to say that. That's absurd...but that's all just me. It's the same with Dan Carr. I like the coins...a lot but I'll let you guys argue over legalities...because...well...I just don't care that much. If you all do...good for you. But I'm not going to make enemies here just because I like Carr's coins. Whatever... I'm happy here and I would hope Hard Times continues to post...if not we'll stay in touch through PMs. Works for me. Happy day everyone! jom
  16. Good luck with that. I've had some trouble with this series as many I see I don't like and I'm collecting in the same grading range you are. I've only got a 34 (no surprise) so I haven't gotten far. The 37 is more difficult that you might think and the crosslet is pricey. I'm just doing a date set so I'll avoid the crosslet and the branch mints...It's a good set IMO. jom
  17. Almost entirely slabbed. When I was putting together Dansco sets of moderns I'd rarely buy a slabbed coin though (to crack out)....I thought they were overpriced...still do. My big raw purchases ("non-Modern") was probably my 1918 Merc dime which later graded as 65 at PCGS and more recently a number of CBHs that later slabbed as well (from James). I only own the Merc anymore though.... jom
  18. I'm fairly certain JA would not gold bean such an item. I'd guess if the coin were actually an XF and it graded VF20 only THEN would I expect a gold bean. His comment to me one time was something on the order of "gold beans are for 'no brainer' upgrades" something you don't see much in lower circ grades I think. jom
  19. I said PCGS or NGC. I doubt that is the case though. BTW, how can a certified grading company grade a coin "Proof 63" when your description above says it was "polished"? jom
  20. Nope, they didn't strike proof Buffernicks in 1917. This coin has shown up several times over the years, and every time the verdict is the same - not a proof. This coin is still not a proof. You'd think people would learn...I guess not. PCGS/NGC would have NO PROBLEM certifying that coin even if it's cleaned/polished if it were a true proof. But somehow people seem to ignore this point when buying... jom
  21. In years past and in my experience NGC holders were far more difficult to scratch than PCGS holders. If this holds true still then couldn't it be possible THAT is the reason NGC slabs are harder to buff-out? It seems to me that if a slab is harder to scratch to begin with it would be harder to fix once damaged. Maybe....? jom
  22. What would be the purpose of creating an alt for an active member? Pure mischief doesn't seem to fit John very well. There is usually a straightforward reason for his posts even though some members apparently don't like the style. Don't ask me to make sense of it or what motivates some people. Maybe attention. Some love being disruptive. Some get off on making their narrative gospel. Anyways above my pay scale to figure this stuff out. mark We have no money. We don't care mark Damn it! You beat me to it. Back to the OP: Those are terrific....keep it up! Robec's are wonderful the rainbow. Must be from a Dansco. jom