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  1. Reminder: If a thread doesn't interest you, don't post in it. This trend of running off members who don't share your interests is not acceptable.
  2. Congratulations to you and all the winners! It is our pleasure to provide the platform and we are grateful that you choose to share your collections with us and the collecting community. Well done.
  3. You are most welcome! We are hoping things get back to normal at some point soon.
  4. So nice to have you back. Fingers crossed and prayers on the way
  5. Moderation has never gotten in the way of rigorous discussion here no matter what opinions are being expressed. Be respectful of one another and mind the guidelines you agreed to when you joined and there will be no need for moderation. You may want to argue about some of the guidelines but they have developed over time and are in place for reason. The bottom line is that your first amendment rights do not apply here. If there are topics in the guidelines that are off limits then they are off limits. Moderation understands that things are not black and white. So much so that we recognize those who continue to post in the gray and feign innocence when it is brought to their attention. To those I say - cut it out.
  6. working now. It may be found in the upper right hand corner of each post. Please use that feature if you see a post that is inappropriate for these boards and a moderator will be notified.
  7. Sorry for the late response. I couldn't say without doing some serious digging. I don't have access to the old boards so I would have to search for historical metrics.
  8. A reminder seems to be in order. If you can't play nice, you can't play here. In the past we have spent time going through threads to remove the hostile posts that ruin a perfectly good topic. Going forward we will just delete entire threads. This doesn't mean that you'll be able to derail someone else's thread to get it shut down. This means that anything you've posted, good or bad will be removed. If you can't leave your personal hostilities at the door, you can't post here.
  9. Looks like that post was already in the newbie section but it was not pinned. It is pinned now and you should be able to edit it. Let me know if you have any trouble with that. The permission configurations are a little tricky in this software so I am not always sure if changes will have the desired outcome.
  10. You should now have unlimited likes and be able to see who liked your posts. Let me know if that is not working fo you all.
  11. Don't know but I will check and get back to you on this and the other questions asked in this thread.
  12. The previous forum software was no longer supported. We looked at a few different replacements and this software appeared to be a good replacement. Unfortunately there is a limit to how we can customize it and when we find things that are broken, we must report it to the vendor and hope they will include a solution in the next release.
  13. I bet that is something in the settings somewhere. I'll dig around and see if I can bump that up.