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  1. Yarm

    Submission #2842133

    There are hi res images for just the first entry (001) available for download on the submission page. Is there a fee to get that for all items? Otherwise the submission record has no grades. Bob
  2. I was pleased to receive a return shipment with my coins in these troubled times but the NGC submission record for the submission has no grades and a single hi res image. Can that be fixed? Bob Yarmchuk
  3. My recent registered/sign for shipments (including an NGC submission) were simply placed in my mailbox presumably to avoid coming to the door.
  4. BHM 1365 by E.Avern upon the death of George IV The bust is based on a portrait by Sir George Lawrence.
  5. Images received along with my latest NGC submission of a Withers 249 penny token.
  6. Middlesex 181 with gilt edge. Looks silver but likely Barton's metal (otherwise why gild the edge?)
  7. All the way from Estonia, a high relief medal of Pius XII.
  8. Thomas Snelling, prominent London numismatist and bookseller. BHM 180, 1773 by L. Pingo. One of several medals featuring Snelling in the National Portrait Gallery.
  9. Dublin 4 penny token. Not many Conder tokens are dated 1804.
  10. Pius IX medal, Anno XI, by F. Bianchi. Darkly toned obverse with bright reverse.
  11. A bronzed coronation medal for George IV, BHM 1077, 46mm by (?) J.G. Hancock.