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  1. All the way from Estonia, a high relief medal of Pius XII.
  2. Thomas Snelling, prominent London numismatist and bookseller. BHM 180, 1773 by L. Pingo. One of several medals featuring Snelling in the National Portrait Gallery.
  3. Dublin 4 penny token. Not many Conder tokens are dated 1804.
  4. Pius IX medal, Anno XI, by F. Bianchi. Darkly toned obverse with bright reverse.
  5. A bronzed coronation medal for George IV, BHM 1077, 46mm by (?) J.G. Hancock.
  6. BHM 2990 in bronzed lead (69mm, 199gms) . Holborn restaurant, presented by the proprietors to H.D.Harris, Esq, in 1898.
  7. Centennial of the House of Brunswick, 1814, by T. Wyon.
  8. Anglesey 419, a Skidmore token mule. It's a halfpenny token with the reverse struck with a penny die.
  9. William Wyon engraved this 1844 medal for the Reopening of the Royal Exchange. The detail work is exceptional.
  10. Yarm

    Deleted grades

    Thanks, Lisa!
  11. Yarm

    Deleted grades

    I submitted this question via the NGC site a couple of weeks ago but received only the automatic response. My submission #2735427 was processed by NCS and NGC in Oct. 2017 and shipped to me on Nov. 8. All three of my items received grades as shown below. I noticed that each of them now have grades "DELETED" for some reason. Yet each is still safely encapsulated in my safe deposit box. I'd like to avoid any confusion/concern if I should want to sell these pieces. Can you look into this? Thanks, Bob Yarmchuk #CS012261 for NGC Invoice Number 2735427 LineItem Year Mint Mark Variety/Pedigree Denom. Grade Comments Comments 1 1796 G.BRIT D&H-39 ESSEX - WOODFORD E: PLAIN 1/2P MS 64 BN 2 1797 G.BRIT D&H-64A WARWICKSHIRE - BARKER'S E: PLAIN 1/2P MS 65 BN 3 1797 SCOT D&H-1 ABERDEENSHIRE - ABERDEEN E: PLAIN 1/2P MS 64 BN NCS 10 16 17 NGC 10 18 17 Shipped 11 08 17
  12. Normally I favor a nice match between obverse and reverse but this is ok too.
  13. It's taken quite a few years to acquire a nice example of the Johnson token from the Johnson/Perrins bout of 1789.
  14. Papal medal of Pius IX, Anno XXXI (1876) by I. and G. Bianchi (Joseph as Patron). Silver, 44mm.