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  1. Welcome back Steve and congratulations on a great submission! I hope things continue to go your way on the chemo treatments. Prayers going your way right now. God is the great healer.
  2. thank you all for your feedback
  3. Has anyone had any luck crossing over ANACS coins to NGC leaving them in the slab or cracking them out? Just curious.
  4. I have to agree with Gary. all of us have been grasshoppers at some time in our life its like growing up, 21 doesn't make you an adult. There are a lot of 40 year old that need to grow up and a lot of 18 year old that are way beyond their age in the way they make choices. Some become ants a lot sooner than others. Hopefully those going through a rough time will learn from this and become more like the ant. During the great depression there wasn't much money. People banded together and helped each other. That is what made our great country strong. Back then God was in a lot of the decision mak
  5. I use a miter saw and like the band saw just cut the edges all the way around. Easy as pie and lift the top off.
  6. Hard to believe Sam is already a year old. WOW! Looks like you are training him right. I just wish one of my children showed that much interest in coins. O well maybe one of my grand or great grand children will while I'm still alive.
  7. maybe if I get my wife to tag along with yours she will finally start to catch on! By the way, Nice coin.
  8. Congradulations! I always enjoy reading your posts.
  9. If it was me dealing with modern coins, you would probably be money ahead to take the time to find the coin you want in the NGC holder and sell the PCGS coin outright.
  10. Praying for your wife and the baby. also praying for the doctors in charge. May God bless you both with a healthy baby and a speedy recovery for your wife.
  11. Will be praying for you and your wife over the next 10 weeks.
  12. Then again, if you pass on the first coin and get outbid on the second coin you have nothing but what if's
  13. Eagles Nest


    I agree with winndoc looks like the D on the 1936 has been added Both 32's and the 34-d look good and original. Just my openion
  14. Good luck with these coins and keep us posted on the outcome.