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  1. 550hp triple 502. 112mph love the speed. We’re going to repaint it this winter. Let’s have fun.
  2. I’ll stick to my off shore boats. At least you know weather you win or loose. Theirs no chasing your tail for no reasons. It’s just beyond reason why one counts and one don’t their both the exact same. All what the h. It’s not worth it. At least I know I own one and sometime later in life their will be new people at those places or some new grading company will open. Good thing about life is it always changes. They all have seen the twenty or thirty pictures of the specimen so. I’ll leave the coins alone for awhile again and do my boats.
  3. To me this coin 1964 sms is nothing but a joke. Do those people got proof that their coins did not come from a mint set the first few off the line. Of course they came off the production line. Their coins are no different then anyone’s they were packaged just like every other person’s coins. Those jokes of coins are the same exact coin I physically own and their is no difference in their coins. The only thing that makes those coins worth anything is Eva Adams got them from the mint. Took them cause they were the first few strikes off the same exact dies that struck the coin I own. They were never test strikes for 1965 coins. They were nothing but first strikes of Kennedy’s new coin with accent hai removed. The coins are a joke in every aspect. Owning one of them and watching grading companies play favorites is a joke as well. Telling a person there is too many dies really those coins were struck using one die. What it comes down to is money. If more are to be proven then the sales of those coins would be a laughing joke and a loss of six figures. Well news flash their is more of them. Those dies used are just like finger prints and well theirs only one set of finger prints per coin. I’ve had their NGC and Pgcs coins mapped and the coin I own is a exact match does it matter NOPE does one person care nope. So the hunt part of this hobby is a joke. The hunt is a fraud. So when you get turned down like I have it’s a joke. What is it worth doing the hunt when there’s no reward for your hunt. It’s turned into money. So I’ll just buy coins already slabbed and forget the hunt part or I’ll spend my money on another dozer or another off shore boat like this one I have
  4. My problem is they all ask for pictures I send them pictures and this is the reply 99% of the time. What do you do. Would you drop in the mail a coin that there’s only 22 of in the whole world. Then what say I did and it either gets lost or something happens to it that’s gone for ever. It’s amazing that both of these companies have graded these coins. We as collectors have to rely on these companies to be non biased based basically their called third party grading companies. So if they pick and choose what coins they decide can be labeled then there not a non bias based company. They are setting the market the way they want it to be. If a coin matches the only pair of dies that was used to make that coin it doesn’t matter where the coin came from mint set or Eva adams house. If they don’t want to recognize those coin then the other 22 need to be called regular Kennedy’s and not sms coins. What’s good for one is good for all that’s what makes it unbiased. One stander for all regardless. Any coin that was made with that die should be called sms otherwise it’s just a regular 1964 Kennedy. See they claim this same standard on 1893-s Morgan dollars as well only 1 obverse die and 1/2 reverse dies. We can only go by the standards they implicated in place and we have to stick to it. As what I was saying now they are picking and choosing. So there’s my thoughts about this mess. I don’t need the money he’ll I don’t even want to sell it. Now it’s more in-lines about the principal than anything. What’s really bad about all this is they all say it has to have this it has to have that it has to have a scratch here and when it all matches to a T. Then it’s a whole different story. No biased my toe.
  5. The sad part is my coin won’t grade nearly as high as any of the other ones. I see why everyone is frustrated over theses coins. They get shut down before they even get out the door.
  6. Both NGC and pgcs seem to not want slab a coin. Both companies have slabbed this attribute and have named it. If everything matches on obverse and reverse of this coin why am I missing this. Their was only one die used on the obverse of this specimen and only one die used on the reverse of this specimen. I’m confused to the road blocks I’m running into about one coin. This is extremely interesting that both companies don’t want to touch a coin
  7. No those are pictures of a 1964 sms Kennedy. I have sent NGC service all the pictures that’s been taken of this coin. I do have the others as well so no I didn’t pluck this out of some random roll or from any change. This set was in a sealed package until I noticed the Kennedy basically the 4. Then we cut them all out and took pictures of all of them. So nope not some random fake
  8. Everything matches the I the 4 everything.
  9. I’m having hell getting these pictures uploaded on here. I’m trying to crop them but save the good parts to identify it
  10. New to all of this been trying to see if he could possibly look this over
  11. So I believe this is number 29. There is 28 certified. Plus I have the penny and quarter the whole set. So I need to have these certified in person at a show so they don’t leave my sight.
  12. Compare those pictures to the second image PCGS has for coin facts about the coin even the I has the extra metal on the edge corner of the I. If you look close at the word dollar one of the L’s has some extra metal as well. Most people don’t know that cause you have to have a microscope to see it
  13. Also. The camera picked up some hint of copper in the coin well some colors. Wasn’t sure if it’s just the zoom or lighting.