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  1. Thanks I will keep a look out for it funny I can get the 1983 Gold one cheaper I’m new too all this
  2. Looking for a 1983 silver panda PF67 to 69 what would you feel is a fair price to pay? I seen a few with a price of 2,300 for the PF67 and 5,000 for the PF69.The only one I can find is the PF69 now does any one know if there is a place to look for one
  3. First. Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast yes I have the coins and are in my possession i will wait for a few weeks and see what happens not a problem thanks so much for all the information you sent me
  4. Ok so I picked up 3 new coins from e-Bay I went to add them to my list and could not because the other owner has them still under there name is there any way that I can get them added I can not find the paperwork for the 3 coins they are NGC slabs Thanks