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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply nevertheless 😀Appreciated!
  2. Hi all. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions that you may be able to offer. Firstly it may be important to state that I am not a coin collector (rare books I am slightly knowledgeable on but not coin u unfortunately). That said, my daughter recently returned from a trip to the US where she was on a modeling assignment. She gave my son some coins and as has become habit, I look through all coins to see for any interesting ones and came across a coin which has Lincoln (I assume it’s Lincoln) on one side and the other has a building (so it’s definitely a commemorative coin) and it is dated 1983 and a D. (Which I assume means Dollar?). I thought it may be in some way valuable due to the fact that the D. As far as I know represents “dollar” yet the coin itself says one cent. my question therefore is, could this coin be valuable, how much might it be worth if so and where would I go to sell it if valuable in SA pref)?