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  1. Thanks I like the looks of the coin--even with the dark spots.
  2. Just bought a 1899 O Morgan graded by NGC at MS 63--yet the reverse has three dark spots--not large but noticeable. Would NGC grade a coin MS 63 that has spots such as the ones pictured?
  3. Hi--yes I have the coin in hand and thank you for giving me an update--much appreciated.
  4. 6093615-011----Hope this helps--and thank you!
  5. Trying to add a coin that I bought from Ampex --NGC program say's it is registered to another--what should I do? The coin has been inventoried to my list? What does that mean? I still cannot include in my set or coins. It has been almost a week since I brought the issue up to NGC--Ampex say's it is NGC that needs to address the issue.