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  1. I work for a pawn shop and a customer sold us a collection of silver coins. Most of them were culls but two 1963 quarters and one 1963 half appeared virtually uncirculated to the naked eye. I had just joined cgc to have some comics graded so I scooped these up to send in as well. I've been a casual coin collector most of my life but these are my first submissions. I learned about full bell lines from having seen the designation before and by looking at the NGC price guides in the past. Most of my collection has been Morgan's, peace dollars and pre 1900. I know next to nothing about the Franklin's but it will be cool to see what grade and designations these coins earn!
  2. Thanks guys... I appreciate the quick response! I'm excited to get involved in the grading and preservation process!
  3. I recently submitted a few coins for the first time. On the form it asked for a Ms or pf designation and I wasn't sure if the coins were proofs or not. I labeled them as Ms. Also, I noticed some 63 Franklin half dollars have an fbl or full bell line designation. Are these things that NGC will assign during the grading process?