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  1. That was a great explanation thank you for that Everyone has been a great help much appreciated. Have been finding out though that disposably could be a one of a kind In 1973-D Have been hearing from some other acquaintances that ha how been helping me also they have never seen this coin for this year
  2. Thanks everyone has been a great help. Have been having a hard time trying to figure out what it might be Worth. Had someone off for me $30 I feel like that might be too low.
  3. Was given to me by a customer of mine. Saw 1 on ebay for 50.00 but likely won't sell cuz its a pretty cool part of history 😎
  4. You are right thanks for looking out
  5. I think I have it figured out its a die clash
  6. I found this 1970 3-D It looks like it is a double die on the letters but there is something going on At the back of the neck Is even in front of the face any ideas
  7. Good answers learned something thanks
  8. Sorry I don't know what XRF is but assuming it's a test.
  9. That is what I am swaying toward as well but I think I do want to get it tested just so I know. Tried to get some better pictures even some close ups
  10. That is good information thank you for that.