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  1. Yes sir ! Thank you for the input.
  2. thank you. May i ask another question? how come I'm finding some many with almost the damage?. ty for this site. really cool. reading. thanks for everyone's help. I'm obsessed with these coins. all because I find out whats doing this or who.. I have a total of 6 of them..
  3. how you doing I am looking for a expert on finger feeder mint machine and the damage it causes to coins. that's I need an expert on the on the subject when it comes to this machine. it seems like there's not enough people that's has knowledge about this machine. so if I can find somebody you can help me out and give me the knowledge about it I can probably do a little bit more with my education on coins I post a picture of what i believe to be feeder finger damage.
  4. Thanks lol. I guess I'll show this other one in a later time lol.
  5. I have . Excuses me for not knowing and thinking this was a site to seek knownage. My bad. .
  6. Sure is. . I keep getting these coins. I need to get better equipment. Even though Obama phones are better in my phone LOL.
  7. So what do you think about this one is that the wounded eagle or isn't it I found this the other night so if you need better pictures I'll be glad to send them I'm still trying to figure out the cheerio thing if somebody would explain that to me please.
  8. I was handed this the other night in change. Not quite sure what it is I looked up and start reading a bunch of stuff on on this site I read about the strikethroughs and this and that so I'm not even I'm still wondering about that but I'm trying to figure out what what that is after spending some money and like very bad turnout of wasting money again all I can come up with is one image that is a head am I wrong or right is it worth anything does anybody know anything about this thing or should I just junk it.
  9. What do you guys think of this penny?. Do you think this penny is worth $50.00 ? This penny was offered to me by a ex co-worker. Just don't want to make a bad call again. And lose more money.. And by the way. Thanks for all the help you guys gave me. I did walk away with some knowledge. That's why I'm here before I make a bad call.. .
  10. Well ty. I feel like a dumb . Been holding on to these for along time.. even had to sell this at one point and said no. .thanks everyone for the help. .I'll leave with this my coin that got me collecting..
  11. Well took the quarter. And showed a jeweler friend of mine. He let me use his equipment. I looked at it for a good hour. So did he and his wife. We wrote down what we saw. Then we read them at the same time. We saw the same thing. There's 3 large triangles where the tall pointed parts are pointing towards the middle. There is a large arrow on the left side of coin. 2 different heads. And what looks like a mail stamp. the lines turned out to be the outer edges of the triangles and the stamp . My friend and his wife showed me the difference in scapes and scratches compared to something be press
  12. The wing. If u look at it has one long looking finger between the nail and the knuckle. There's a g or some thing. Hang let me see if I can a better pic this phone is boo boo.