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  1. Without having an earned opinion on this matter, I would say that the odds of finding one would be in the billions also, due to how may pennies have been put into circulation in the last 100 years. On that comment I would say that the odds (although not near as high) of finding a counterfeit 1943 are very high also. That being said, and thinking about how many millions of consumers that never pay any attention to their pennies, I personally want to believe it is still possible. This is an update on my 1943 (P) copper penny. The 1943-S as I mentioned earlier in this post, has bee
  2. It sounds like he was well known by everyone within this community. Has anyone ever figured out why all the ranting about validity of his coins was played out on this media? Since nothing is sold here and everything is mainly just discussed, I would think his approach to convincing people of what he had, would have been better served on selling sites like Ebay, Bonanza, or even Etsy. Etsy site seems to have a lot of people trying to sell coins for thousands upon thousands of dollars, and most are worthless. Did he just like to argue.....?
  3. That's kind of funny, because I thought at first that Ratzie33 was indeed an expert that I needed to hear from on my coins, when Quintus first mentioned him. However, his second post elaborated more when I asked who he was, and I got the message.
  4. Thank you Quintus. The VDB aspect of this I never knew until your first post. Have now looked at all my pennies of past years withing that time frame, and sure enough they all have the VDB just below the Lincoln shoulder. Before this blog, I thought the VDB Initials were found only on the 1909 and 1909-S penny. I have a 1909 VDB but no "S" yet. This was something that was very useful, because I would think it would be very hard to counterfeit it, because the initials reside on the vertical side of the raised portion of the strike. I checked all those on PCGS and they are indeed
  5. I believe that I know what you are talking about now. I have a 1943 Steel penny and under the magnifying glass I can see the VDB Initials you described. Never knew that. Does this mean that if my coin doesn't have those that it more than likely is fake? I take it that the 1942 copper planchetts left in the bins at the start of 1943 production of steel pennies, and where the first 1943 copper were produced, would have had those same initials in the mistaken stamping. Am I correct in assuming this?
  6. Appreciate the overview and additional comments Quintus Arrius. Definitely things to consider here. I do not see V.D.B. under magnifying glass and under Lincoln's shoulder. Would that not be on a 1909 or 1909-S only, or were you just joking? Elaborate please if you were serious. Who is Ratzie33, the resident expert?
  7. yes...that's for sure. Odds are worse than the lottery, but you know......someone always win the lottery. The search will continue. Knowledge is everything, and I appreciate all the comments here.
  8. I now cant argue that. Beginning to see things I didn't before.
  9. Thanks for that last comment on the 3. I have looked at my 1943-S and now discovered that the 3 does not angle as it should. It is not a ground down 8, but it does round in and not at all like others that I am looking at. Thanks for the visual tip...this is helping considerably. I am determining that my 1943 is closer to real looking than my 1943-S is....and originally I thought in reverse of that, due to the condition my 1943-S was in. I will post it so you can see what I am talking about.
  10. Thank you...that's what I am looking for. i will look at that. Sorry i didnt know about disclosing that information, but it makes sense.
  11. Whatever the outcome here, I will post the results of my coin when the grading is done. I have reviewed now additional articles and pictures of chinese counterfeiting operations, since I started this Blog, and must say that it does not look good. They are indeed very impressive replicas. And the operations are massive.
  12. Well so far just on visual only, I have been told about four times that this is a fake. What I need to know is why each of you believe it is. What are your flags (in the picture) that tell you it is a fake? This is important to know, and this is what I really need for future reference. I have about thirty 1943 steel pennies in various states of wear. Some quite nice and some showing wear in a very likeness of this copper coin. I have used a very strong magnifier to zoom in on detail and compare, and I cant see any discrepancies other than steel and copper, that would bring
  13. It could very well be a counterfeited coin. However, the texture, color, and the wear on details are often very much like other wheat pennies of various years that I have studied. I realize, and did so, when I started this blog that counterfeiting these coins was a real issue, but that is what I am trying to find out....other ways of verifying their authenticity (if any) prior to sending hem in for grading. The obvious ways, have already been done, and passed the test. Looking for additional ways that someone might suggest.
  14. I now already that these coins are the most counterfeited coins on the rare coin circuit. I also know a lot about the 1943 copper and the 1944 steel wheat pennies. I have been into rare coins only for a short time, and have done my research. With that out of the way, I own now what is probably a once in a lifetime rarity, and not only one, but two. A 1943 (no mint mark-Philadelphia) bronze(copper) penny, and a 1943-S Copper penny. They are about to be graded thru NGC OR PCGS, of which I am a member of both. The reason for this post is to gather information on other cou