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  1. Let us not forget, I know I can't I went on a 150 year old coin mission and found a bunch, the mission of proving the impossible. So remember we're thinking impossible, without you all none of the next coins would be here, for us to have epic threads about. For sure we would need everyone updated on how we all got here. Thanks again all
  2. So now that you all have approved this LM3, woot awesome. Now it's my turn to show you all where my approval is, I mean the master Engravers marks. Also I totally understand if you all don't see them. Thanks all
  3. Upon further thinking you all are right, I mean about the 30% of 100% that turn it in, in a normal situations. With this type of situation there is no way I can submit it, without seeing the other first. I had high hopes of turning it in but without a comparison, it's too easy to say it's fake. Thanks all PS This would be so awesome=this would be #2 SP discovered, I mean that would be a wow. I'm totally happy with my reproduction coin
  4. So what are they trying to copy? I mean the leaf that has the die break isn't the correct leaf, also the reverse don't match anything that is graded or fake. (Correction 1793 SP has been graded SP68 does exist just no pictures.) So I should've said that is shown Anyways that's why Thanks all
  5. Yeah forget about the , or the die break/patina/crumbled edge Thanks all
  6. 13.48 is what they are supposed to weigh, I think I remember 14.00 to 12.96 is the acceptable range, (#'s have been corrected) Thanks all
  7. Also pcgs has a page for a 1793 SP with zero found? Do they know something NGC does not?
  8. Yes that's why I'm sending it to pcgs for one or the other, proven legit or counterfeit
  9. I'm not trying to change anything, I was just simply showing
  10. I think I finally got the "raised", sorry all I should've asked, thanks again all