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  1. I kind of like the look of that Barber half. I would put that in my book and not worry about it. Not sure if the conservation cost could ever be recouped. But, that is just me
  2. rons


    cool looking medal
  3. Do the bumpy bump oh do the bumpy bump 9 slabs $50 delivered such a deal
  4. I would have bid on a couple but they don't fill a hole Sorry
  5. Just a friendly hint. Most of your coins are not valuable enough to warrant selling on GC. They do a great job but for small ticket coins they are not a financial plus. Best of luck.
  6. Update. If anyone is involved with a coin club I would be willing to sell the 9 $10 slabs for $50 delivered. They would make nice door prizes or raffles prizes or...............
  7. In an attempt to clean up my mistakes, misfits, upgrades, and where did this come from I am listing coins that need to find new homes. Shipping will be $3 for one coin, $4 for two coins, and a flat $5 for any order of three or more coins Checks, cash, money orders, or PayPal as last resort Interested in several make me an offer I am always open to fair offers. Pictures upon request All 9 of the $10 coins for $50 if you belong to a coin club or are a YN. $10 slabs yep, less than grading fees!!!! PCGS 1992 P ms69 Olympics .50 PCGS 1999s p69dcam JFK .50 I have three of these????? PCGS 1999p p69dcam SBA $1 PCGS 2005s p69dcam SAC $1 PCGS 1948s ms65 Jeff nickel NGC 1916 unc details Mercury dime NGC 1960 D ms65 large date Lincoln .01 $20 slabs NGC 2004s p69dcam silver JFK .50 PCGS 1959 ms65 5fs Jefferson NGC 1966 p66 JFK half NGC 1963 ms64W Franklin half the older W designation $30 slabs AnACs 1925 AU55 Peace yellow label NGC 1946 ms65 BTW old soap dish darkly toned NGC 1944 ms67 Mercury Dime $40 slabs PCGS 1948 ms63FB Franklin half PCGS 1947 ms66 Washington quarter PCGS 1948 ms66 Washington quarter tab toned $50 slab NGC 1948 s ms66 Washington quarter Odds and Ends PCGS 1939d ms65 Walking liberty half OGH $140 NGC 1947d ms65 Walking liberty half $85 NGC 1935 ms65 Boone Commem half $145
  8. Never a dull moment with young'uns They are funny and precious moments later but in the present is another story. I was painting the bathroom when I got a phone call. I answered and it was an old friend. We chatted about 10 minutes and I hung up. I walked into the bathroom and found my son, maybe 3, had painted the shower door, toilet, door, and the floor to help daddy. We laugh about it now some 30 years later but oh my I was not happy.
  9. I like the lines and layout of those coins. No dead people memorialized just clean simple design. Especially the 1929. Nice pick ups. Wait until you can't buy the coin/s before you have to sell others. Then it gets real
  10. Just a bump for auction ending Sunday. There are some nice mercs and washies along with assorted gold. The washies are very cheap at this point. The 58d is a sweet toner but the scan doesn't capture it well. Good luck and thanks for bidding.
  11. Get yourself a RedBook and look at mintages for each of the gold pieces. Most will be close to melt because there are many years and so many minted that the demand is low. Not too many people can afford to complete a set of eagles or quarter eagles. Call around to a couple of metals dealers and ask what they are paying for gold. There is one fair place where I live and the other 12 dealers not so much. Fast and easy cash on the barrelhead:)
  12. This is a very good summation for your questions. The biggest factor is probably the amount of time you want to put into the effort. See my PM.
  13. Without looking at the coins I can say my experience is that rarely do the coins get what either grading company values them at. Checking eBay results will give you a more accurate/current value than either companies price guides.