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  1. You are wasting your time posting your complaint here. Write or better yet call Monday and talk to a human to get this straightened out.
  2. great collections charges the seller 5% and the buyer 12%. Again some coins sell better there than others. I have good luck with most of my sales there. Common coins have been better for me on eBay. Good luck in your endeavor.
  3. As I am downsizing my coin collection I have run across some hard times and civil war tokens. They sparked my interest and seem to be a low cost way to keep my hand in the collecting game. The history behind the tokens is fascinating. Prices are hard to find and seem to be all over the place. Anyone willing to share information or their experience in this area would certainly be appreciated by me. I have several reference books but they aren't current or well organized.
  4. I have sent in over 50 coins that IMHO were 70's. I got 1 back!!!!! Go figure Good luck with this sale . Maybe P.T.Barnum will come true for you
  5. Another Trading Slabs alumni doing well
  6. You have an excellent start on a gold type collection. Common dates but a nice jump into the gold field. Well done Enjoy them
  7. Currently on the bay with 1 day remaining at $32. On 14 graded at 67 with 2 higher. 20 other true auctions currently running so check them out :). Good luck and thank you for looking
  8. rons

    Looking for Some Feedback

    I saw one of Smithsonian $100,000 gold certificates "graded" go at auction for over $800. I believe the price "new" from the seller is around $250. There are folks out there who have more money than sense. But, then again, haven't we all made bad buys in the past?
  9. Try the link for the quarter. And thanks for looking😀
  10. Thanks Chris, I hope this one works better. How are you doing? Long time no see
  11. Oh my goodness, I had completely forgotten about that. How long ago was that. I am chuckling to myself because your comment had tickled a faint memory but I couldn't call it up to save my life. insert eyeroll here Your memory is way better than mine. I must be older he says hopefully
  12. That sounds vaguely familiar but remind me of the details My memory isn't as sharp as it once was