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  1. Nice coin. I am unfamiliar with WINGS. Is that a new CAC wannabe?
  2. I believe it makes a coin easier to sell when the time comes. Sort of like an insurance policy.
  3. You are saving money by being a year behind the issue. I collect modern commemoratives and find that their price drops after the initial excitement has subsided. How great is it to have a helper with your collecting? Keep up the good work.
  4. Nicely done. Smooth flow and good photography plus historical information made this very interesting. Good Job
  5. what a great idea. well done
  6. rons

    General Observation

    Hi Bill. It is great seeing you post again I am ambivalent leaning towards happy that NGC reversed their decision about PCGS coins in the registry. I was upset when they initially eliminated PCGS coins from the registry as that left me high and dry in every one of my collections. I will now complete two collections because I have PCGS coins that I couldn't enter before and that is a very satisfying feeling to me. As to value increase or decrease I am not certain how that will effect coin values, if at all.
  7. rons


    The whole first day of issue, first strikes, and early release labels are scams. The coins are not any different but somehow have gained a premium????? Buy the coin not the label/plastic. By the way Welcome home Brother.
  8. Last bump before Christmas. Treat yourself to some of these beauties:)
  9. A little Thanksgiving week bump for those who want to do some early Christmas shopping:)
  10. I am downsizing and upgrading at the same time. I know that sounds counterintuitive but that seems to be the path at this time In any case as I was making a list my collecting buddy asked me to throw a few of his coins on it. So without further ado here is the list from A-Z. The prices listed are from the price guide and while I would be delighted to get these prices I will accept offers. Happy hunting I am not here every day so please be patient if I don't respond immediately.If you are interested in more than one coin I am willing to do a better deal. Buy three coins and I will provide free shipping. Otherwise shipping is $3. Pictures can be provided but most of these are common in appearance. The 58D washie will be a tricky picture but I will give it a whirl on request. I prefer checks but let's talk Date grader grade coin price remarks 1878 s NGC ms63 Morgan 85 close to proof like SOLD 18% off listed price 1883 NGC ms65 Morgan 165 1897 PCGS au55 Barber quarter 150 1919 D PCGS F12 Standing Liberty Quarter 250 1925 ANACS au55 Peace 32 yellow holder 1935 NGC ms65 Boone 165 1946 NGC ms65 BTW 50 Old green holder very dark toning 1937 NGC ms67FB Mercury 150 bright white 1938 PCGS ms66FB Mercury 150 "" 1938 D PCGS ms66FB Mercury 115 "" 1939 D NGC ms67FB Mercury 110 "" 1940 s PCGS ms66Fb Mercury 165 "" 1941 NGC ms67FB Mercury 135 old soap dish holder 1942 NGC ms67 FB Mercury 165 bright white 1943 D NGC ms67FB Mercury 265 "" 1943 s NGC ms67 FB Mercury 140 "" 1944 NGC ms67 Mercury 65 1939 D PCGS ms65 Walking Liberty 135 OGH 1947 PCGS ms66 Washington quarter 55 1947 D NGC ms65 Walking Liberty 95 1948 s PCGS ms65 Jefferson Nickel 12 1948 PCGS ms66 Washington quarter 45 tab toning 1948 s NGC ms66 Washington quarter 70 bright white 1948 PCGS ms 63 fbl Franklin half 38 1958 D PCGS ms67 Washington quarter 175 nicely toned 1960 D NGC ms65RD Lincoln cent 15 Large Date 1963 NGC ms64W Franklin half 26 rare W designation 1964 NGC PF66 Kennedy half 32 silver 1984 s NGC p69uc Olympics $10 800 gold 1986 w NGC ms69 Liberty $5 425 gold 1987 W PCGS ms69 Constitution $5 410 gold 1987 w NGC pf69uc Constitution $5 410 gold 1992 P PCGS ms69 Olympics half dollar 20 1992 W PCGS ms69 Olympics $5 410 gold 1992 W PCGS pr69dc Olympics $5 400 gold 1995 W PCGS ms69 Torch Runner $5 475 gold 1995 w NGC pf70uc Stadium Olympics $5 550 gold 1996 S NGC ms69 Community Service $1 90 silver 1996 w PCGS pr69dc Smithsonian $5 445 gold 1997 w PCGS pr69dc FDR $5 410 gold 1999s PCGS pr69dc JFK halves 15 x3 2002 w PCGS ms69 SLC olympics $5 420 gold 2003 w PCGS ms69 First Flight $10 775 gold 2003 w PCGS pr69dc First Flight $10 800 gold 2004 s NGC pf69uc JFK halves 12 2006 s PCGS ms69 San Fran Mint $5 450 gold 2006 w NGC ms69 and p69 Silver Eagle 180 20th Anniversary set 2007 w ICG ms70 Abigal Adams $10 975 gold 2008 w PCGS pr69dc Bald Eagle 410 gold 2013 w PCGS pr69dc Edith Roosevelt $10 902 gold 1st strike 2016 w PCGS pr69dc Betty Ford $10 900 gold 1st strike 2016 w PCGS pr69dc Nancy Reagan $10 900 gold 1st strike
  11. rons

    I Couldn't Be More Pleased!

    Congratulations it is always nice to be "right" once in a while in this hobby. It helps heal the pain of missing so many other times. That is a nice a nice looking both before and after. Your thread has encouraged to send in an 1870 IHC that is a bit of a mess. I will keep you posted.