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  1. Congrats on a sweet looking coin:) I agree with you the matte look is outstanding on this beauty.
  2. How did you get that screen with all the "corrected" scores? I have seen my scores vary but couldn't figure out what coins changed or why. It is most annoying. Best of luck in getting an explanation.
  3. rons

    From PCGS toNGC Grading

    You can always post here with what you have and what you want. The price is right
  4. rons

    From PCGS toNGC Grading

    Yes, but why would you spend the money for that? If you want all ngc coins then sell or trade the pigs coins for ngc. $20 a coin plus shipping adds up quick.
  5. Best of luck. I know you have a great eye and hope GC can show that off
  6. rons

    20 July 1969

    July 20 1969 I too was launched to another world. I departed McChord Air Force Base for a tour of VietNam. I didn’t arrive until the 22nd due to International Date Line and refueling. In other words, I missed the whole darn thing😖😖😖
  7. Many of the NGC 70 modern commemorative halves are under $5 each. Auction ends Tuesday evening about 9 pm. Happy hunting
  8. well , my prodigious computer skills have revealed themselves to the world again My seller name is tonkatoast. I chose the name after being exposed and inspired by one while camping. A truly ingenious and simple cast iron device to make toast, pizza, grilled cheese, and other tasty delights over the campfire. I even use it at home over the grill if I crave something a little sloppy and don't want to clean up the grill afterwards
  9. Have you contacted the person who sold you the coin? IF they have any scruples they will work with you. If not, then out them here if they are an eBay seller so we can all learn from your experience. I lost $880 on a 1916s Indian Eagle two months ago. I sent it in to be graded and got the "Not Genuine" tag. So the cost of the coin AND shipping and grading fees added some salt to the wound. Most of us have paid our dues but some just can't admit it. Good luck in your future acquisitions.
  10. Listed all the modern halves in my collection plus many ngc and pcgs modern silver commems as well as some modern commems. All starting at .99 Check them out