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  1. Canada calls it one thing and US ase enhanced reverse proof is one of several types. Value is based on mintage and grade. But most of all desirability. The ase is $150-$250. The maple is $75-$100+. The set is $275 - $399
  2. People tend to put some negative opinions about rednecks. So as with every thing you have good and not so good ( notice I didn’t say bad) without redneck engineering.. … where would I be. without redneck logic….. I wouldn’t understand 1/3 of the people who I talk to I spent 4 years in redneck country and some parts of the culture just sneak up on you and before you know it. You develop your own little redneck outlook. I found myself with a better understanding of some of my fellow Americans. Older I get the more different outlooks I have become part of
  3. I also believe any of those are of not much value as they are common dates. Keep for fun but buy a slabbed piece There are many out there
  4. I would like to be placed on the list for an inaugural issue. Numbered and signed. PM me and I’ll pay right up. Thanks James 🤓
  5. Agreed but I believe he’s an original kind of eagle. No spearmint or other flavored products. He could also have to use regular cut to avoid gagging on the little packets 😂
  6. Hey Bill. Here’s the issue that everyone is going crazy hoping the 2021 Morgan’s won’t look like ! long chats about this on the other forum. I guess in hand the reverse really disappoints. I like the obverse but understand the complaints about the reverse. From some of the early acquired photos the new ones are very nice. Released folks all around. I’m rambling 😉
  7. I’m looking at one of these. Just not sure how much I like the design. Like the packaging. We’ll see
  8. Good choice Mike. I’ll put together a PM today. Here’s one to start with. Bought it graded and won a Canadian set. Mintage 10,000. On eBay!
  9. Hey welcome back. Those look like they have been through post mint damage.
  10. Welcome and congratulations on making the proper choice of stopping by here for some advice. Please post your pictures. Do your best to send good pictures of both sides. The following is my opinion and based on a dozen ase experiences. I leave all mint coins, proof, multi-coin sets , burnished,in the OGP. Original government packaging. I don’t trust that I will receive the grade I want with out multiple submissions. I just wait and snag one later. PM me and I’ll share a secret for scoring on eBay.
  11. Speaking of QA. Im still learning about the inside chicken joke. I am hoping someone will PM me and let me in on the meaning. So I post this giant chicken every now and again. The other day my grandson walked by with this shirt. I did get a picture.
  12. your pictures are pretty dang good. Keep practicing. I use an old iPhone 7 and have learned to take ok pictures. I, like you am learning about doubling there is several types but one thing that has me throw a coin like yours into a 2 x 2 and save it I can see the doubling with my eye 👁 no jewelers loop I also like AT coins artificially toned They are a form of art to me The facts remain that this one is not valuable It’s good as an inhand example 🙏
  13. Welcome. More pictures. I see some doubling other places. There multiple kinds of doubling and working with circulated can be more different. The whole coin both sides. I am not one of the authorities here. Just learning and good clear pictures will be something “those who know more “ will appreciate. Remember wait for others I just like these kind of coins. Valuable or not. Educational absolutely 🤓🙀
  14. $99 no gots. We have some 69’s $125 still making a$ or 2. There ✅ ok got a great deal on ngc slab boxes $12 includes shipping
  15. My first thought was fake. Cheek so clean fields awesome. Sorry about the stains. weigh it if you can. Make sure its not attracted to a magnet. I must say I believe I’m looking at one dang nice coin. 66+ maybe 67. Handle with care. I am not the best at this. They’re on the way! Good luck
  16. Post(P) Mint (M) damage (D). PMD. I have not seen it like that before but really good answers given. Thanks every day I see something new. Thanks 🤓🙀
  17. Welcome. I will need to study some 🤔🔬. I’ll be back 🤓🙀
  18. And now a brief word from our hero! Mr.David Ryder
  19. For another fun exercise. Go on eBay and look at all these the OGP there is for sale. Lots. Seems like some want original packaging with their slab. Or get a coin raw. There’s all kinds for different types Apmex has a number of single and multi coin OGP ase quality not cardboard. Think 2012-2013 2-coin OGP ase sets Solid display holder.
  20. The mint is having problems. there was some $ on these still might be happening
  21. Took me 1 hour 14 minutes. Confirmation emails will come maybe tomorrow.
  22. Really nice Britannia. I won a tube of tenth ounzers 16 and they have that proper look to them.