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  1. Welcome to the forum. It is old and gray like a lot of us. But still worth every penny
  2. It looks to me the mint has a lot of coins to produce this summer with the two 100 anniversary 2021's and the type 2 2021 eagles and medals and lets not forget the other coins they must have to make. How will the keep everyone happy.
  3. What happened to all the pretty pictures ?
  4. LoLs funny I did not see that. I saw the thread come up and thought it was new. And yes they are nice RWB but too much hoopla with the book and all. There asking $60 for it , I may offer them $40 not sure if it will be worth a lot down the road.
  5. Is this coin something like, What you would be looking for DES1958?
  6. I am wondering why you say there is more profit in mint sets rather than proof sets? Unless you are breaking up the sets and selling them off piece by piece. I agree that Proof sets do not go up in value much over time. but when I pay $5 to $8 on average it is not a big loss but the quality of a mint set is quite poor. I find most of the time they look like leftover coins from the floor of the mint that have been swept up and put in a plastic wrappers.
  7. The first pages was when I first came to the forum. After listening to the members and there vast knowledge I have a much better grasp on the goings on with the coin word . Thanks for your help Karen.
  8. Ya that last penny was a sad story , But this one is really toned I like it , Not worth anything but a penny still kinda nice
  9. This came in the mail today. I got this on a bid at Northeast Numismatics I got a sweet deal and NGC says it is a $75 coin so I am happy. I wanted the graded 25th coin seeing that the 25 anniversary is traditionally a silver anniversary.
  10. I thought so also Quintus but in reality after further investigation it is the zinc your seeing the copper is really that thin that it rubs off .LoL. Hard to believe.
  11. Look at this it is like the copper was worn off. I was not sure if it was grease or what, it was kinda sticky so I washed it off now it is ruined another experiment gone wrong in someone's laboratory somewhere. Poor Abe is always getting abused.
  12. I love you guys. You tell it like it is. That is the truth.
  13. Spooning Rings ,I remember some of the kids doing that with quarters almost no one ever finished them it took to long LoL