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  1. Ah... I wasn't trying to be rude so I hope you didn't take it that way... I was genuinely confused and I asked what you meant... I now understand so thanks for the clarification
  2. I'm so confused... what does this have to do with the West Point Quarter? I suck at understanding comparisons
  3. Thank you so much! Good thing I didn't get my hopes up too high!
  4. So, I was looking at my West Point Quarters under a microscope and noticed something weird on all of them.... They have incused doubling... Is this common? Or do I have something special? (I'm pretty doubtful). Here's the most extreme example I found in my collection...
  5. I respect your view on that... I was going to watch the video up until I saw your post so I'd rather not be fed false info from YT and then absorb that info thinking it's true... so thank you for that! Plus I'm a Peace Dollar collector and I don't want to know false info that I may later spew out confusing it for something true that I heard... I already have a bad memory, no need to make it worse -UD04
  6. I am part of the generation that is losing reading/writing capabilities... That is Gen Z... It's sad to see that A LOT of my peers have horrible penmanship, can't read or write, and can't even speak or write in proper grammar... I'm one of the odd ones out since I purposely take the time to train myself proper grammar. There are some things that I've learned to do in school such as speaking proper grammar... While I don't have the best penmanship, mine is definitely legible. I know you older folks look down in shame at how the newer generation has grown, and it's not good, in fact it's extraor
  7. I'm so freakin' excited for it to come out... I'm hoping to get one during the pre-sale... Are you guys planning on buying one?
  8. I can't really tell since I can't measure it but compared to the other penny (as shown in the 2nd picture) it's considerably thinner than a regular penny
  9. I could be wrong but I see DDO... On "Liberty'
  10. I found this 1938 Wheat Penny in my change jar but there's something weird about it... It's severely underweight, extraordinarily thin, but still has all of it's details... Is this an example of a thin planchet? And if so, what's it worth? If not, was this dipped in acid and still somehow retained all of its details?
  11. I looked at it before I posted and I believe it's RPM-015