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  1. The ear looks off and the tone. I'm not sure if the rest of the damage is parking lot damage or what but any thoughts?
  2. So do we think this is worth having graded and try to sell on an auction or is it just a collector coin for rare errors? I haven't seen many coins that have feeder damage all over the entire back has anyone else?
  3. Could this possibly be feeder finger er ror over the whole reverse side?
  4. Lol I do that all the time too we knew what u meant. Thanks for the feedback
  5. This is under the scope. It's in the color not over the top of letters
  6. That's what struck my interest. I would think if it was scrape damage it would be gouges in the letters.
  7. Ok I'm just getting into this coin stuff. My great grandpaw always looked at every coin told me they like little treasures. that always stuck with me so looking for a hobby I decided to go with coins this would be my first really neat rare find If so.
  8. Oh that's really cool if so how exciting if that's the case! Thx for the thoughts and opinions
  9. It's definitely an interesting piece. Has me wondering what could do this to a coin. But I'm super new so I don't know a lot about the errors just yet
  10. I posted pictures of this before I got my microscope in. Now that it's under the scope do you think this is an error or just damaged it's a very odd circular swirl in the center of the back.