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  1. MS 70 1960 D. Hasn't been graded as such. I imagine it would be cause it is flawless. Would it make it worth something if it was such??
  2. I just basically the rarity and worth of the coin to what I've been told and what I've looked up
  3. Thanks. What about a 1929 buffalo nickel? Worth anything?!
  4. Yes I posted the wrong one I posted the right one . Unless there is anything you can tell me about it?!
  5. 1970 D error double die border letters
  6. Thanks I'll post a couple more . What should I be looking for new to this inherited my grandad's coin collection!
  7. Are these worth anything or just ordinary coins. 1946, 1946D wheat .1947 , wheat, also 1950, 1953 D, 1956, 1956D , 1957,1957d, and last a 2009 one cent?!
  8. I just want to know if anybody has seen a linking Penny like this and what kind of error is this