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  1. @JKK That's so cool! I didn't know there was more than one type of doubling. Thanks so much for the info!
  2. I tried getting a clear photo for about a half hour and this is the best that I ended up with. Sorry! I'm not really looking to make money off of this coin. For a 1990 it's in pretty bad shape. And even if it is a double die, it's extremely light and hard to see. I'm just trying to get a third opinion because my husband said that while the mint mark has it, he couldn't really see anything on the date. If you look very closely, you can see the faint outlines of a second date struck to the right and slightly down of the first date (the swirls of the faded 9's curl inside of the other 9's).
  3. Hi there! Fairly new coin collector here. From what I've researched, many silver/steel looking coins nowadays are mainly made of copper, so I'm guessing that's the brown that's showing through..? However, I am curious if anyone has an idea or theories of why it's in this specific pattern. It looks like maybe some sort of liquid chemical that ruined the top layer was spritzed onto the coin or something? I tried looking up similar photos and found nothing. I'm not looking to see if this is valuable or anything. I'm just genuinely curious. I think it looks pretty cool! It's a fun little addi
  4. @Coinbuf @Greenstang thanks so much for the input! I was definitely wondering why everything looked so flattened on the obverse and reverse. And greenstang, thank you for the suggestion on coin handling! I will start working on that habit for sure.
  5. First off, I am SO SORRY for the photo quality. I'm new to coin collecting and don't really have the best tools for taking close-ups. If you have pointers/equipment suggestions for taking coin photos, I'm all ears! Like the title says, I'm trying to figure out if this 1993D quarter was broadstruck or just damaged. The only reason why I think it's the former is because I don't see a single remnant of reeds. There are a couple of dents and scratches on the edge, sure, but none of them are straight lines that look even remotely like reeds (one of the photos has a regular 1993 coin edge on t