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  1. Were these sets different varieties of the same coin or a mix of say flying eagles and Indian head cents?
  2. I think you end up with a distinct greenish blue color that kinda gives it away. Especially when it is all over the coin as opposed to the rim or bullseye toning on album toned coins. Copper seems to go more purple. The coins really darken up as well. Just my observations on the few I played with.
  3. Here are a couple using the boiled egg treatment. Some before and after shots.
  4. I agree with coinbuf on the 22 peace dollar. It looks like AT (artificial toning). The darkening of the coin and the blue/green color are dead giveaways. I would avoid coins that look like this in the future.
  5. I looked at cointrackers.com page for the 1942 D and it does say it has a silver composition but that is not correct. I couldn’t read most of the additional information due to a gigantic ad I could not seem to get rid of covering most of the info. The 1942 D nickel is the regular composition (no silver).
  6. The Denver and Philly mints struck the regular composition nickels in 1942. The Philly mint struck silver alloy as well. The Denver mint did not strike any nickels with the silver composition in 1942. The San Francisco mint only struck the silver composition nickels in 42. Your small D mintmark is your regular composition nickel.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum. This is not a cud. Cuds are on the rim of the coin. This looks like damage. I would not suggest having this graded.
  8. In my opinion there is no need for an expensive loupe. Cheaper ones will do the trick. I have 2 loupes that I use. One is a 10x and the other is a illuminated 30x with a smaller 60x lens combo. Both were around $14. I would say if you got another one, try getting a lower magnification of around 7x or 10x.
  9. 2 new additions to the collection. The 42 D has a small die crack at the back of his head.
  10. MS65. Id say with MAC sticker worth $25,000.