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  1. Not to get in a match....but i don't think eye appeal should matter at all. Grading sounds like it deals with the condition of the coin, which is not subjective, unlike eye appeal. For example...just because I find a woman attractive doesn't mean you do. .......thats eye appeal...purely subjective. But I do believe eye appeal should/could affect value.
  2. Oh trust me I don't intend on having either graded. And I understand about the dings . My main question was about the coloring. Its obviously a natural thing...but was just wondering about why it changes to a white/gray. And how it would affect value and grading.
  3. Would this affect how thus coin would grade? To me it makes it look unattractive but that is just my opinion. Does it affect the value as well?
  4. I have another 68 but they look different.Please don't judge ...i know this one is not pretty....lol
  5. All or most if my coins look like the 1989 that us pictured. My 68 is the only coin I have that has a whiteness to it. It us still in the packaging as a mint set. Not sure why or how or if it is ruining the coin...anyone have input?
  6. Okay...kinda had the gut feeling it wasnt...just thought i would check still new and with new camera...i have never looked at coins this close...and just bored going through junk drawer stuff that I had around.
  7. looks doubled....but questioning if it's legit
  8. Never seen this before...has anyone else? The reverse side if my 1959 penny is striped. Looks like it is in the coin. And just looked again as I took the pics I can almost see it on the obverse too!!!?
  9. I am a beginner and these are 2 nickels that I got in a lot that I bought. But would that put the value high enough to make it worth it? Seems like I might just break even.....like I said i an new and enjoy the discussion because that us how I learn.
  10. So here is the obverse...I dont plan on having them graded. I would have should i be getting a different reaction and possibly worth some cha ching... i do enjoy the topic that it was and the one it is becoming. And understanding the whys and why nots of grading. Obviously some grade for sentimental reasons...others to solidify their collection. And I am sure there are players that do this to try and flip coins for some cash...i am leaning towards flipping some to fund my collecting.
  11. Yup...lots of good information...i really do appreciate the input!!!
  12. So really its a circulated coin that is in good shape and has the full steps that produces its own value since they weren't a mint or proof? Does that make sense?
  13. I have just started collecting and come across a 1962 and 1963 full step nickel. I can easily see the steps and coins look great...thinking about getting them graded..any thoughts? The close up pic is the 1962 the one that shows t full coin is the 1963