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  1. I don't think there are any known 1900-O/S Morgans. Here's a list of VAMS for that date/MM. Got any good pics (don't bother posting them unless they are good )?
  2. I was only able to do this...none of the other stuff you did. Hope you like humidity!
  3. This is the current status... from wikipedia (because I am too lazy to type/paraphrase anything)... "According to the legislation, once the America the Beautiful Quarters Program ends in 2021, the obverse of the quarter will revert to the original Flanagan design used from 1932 until the start of the 50 State Quarter Program. However, the reverse will be redesigned to feature General Washington crossing the Delaware River, the same theme that was used on the 1999 New Jersey quarter." H.R. 6184 (110th): America’s Beautif
  4. Didn't you ignore me on CoinTalk, or am I mistaking you for someone else? Kurt being able to post here is the only reason I've started reading (and now posting) this forum. Plus who can pass up ol' "Socrates" Insider's lessons du jour on two sides of the street at once?
  5. It probably has to do with how many of the 4 options you are presented with when you add someone to your ignore list. Insider said he checked all 4 and I think that means you get no indication of even a mention of the ignored user. Maybe. Dunno...haven't ignored anyone yet.
  6. Did you tell me? Sorry I missed it if you did tell me. Did you conserve the coin at the customers request?
  7. My reply was in no way intended to be snarky. I wish you hadn't taken it that way, but we'll live with the results of your interpretation of my intent. I was hoping for the type of response you have now provided. Thanks for recognizing me as a "genius", you're so nice (fyi that is snark).