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  1. Still new to this. My question is should I build a Proof or MS collection? Pros and cons to each? What does everyone else do?
  2. Can someone clarify for me the weights? All 1982 pennies are either 3.1g or 2.5g. What is the significance of the 3.07 weight of the 2 that have been verified? Also is it only D mint mark?
  3. This is PCGS photo of a certified MS66. Can you explain to me the differences that I'm not seeing. Also there's a better picture of mine.
  4. Just looking for opinions on this coin. As far as the grading company, I can't find anything on them. The coin itself looks great. I paid $11.40 for it. Whats your thoughts.
  5. Just curious, I got an offer on ebay to buy 100 ungraded slabbed coins for $73 including shipping ad says ".......BU, Proof and circulated coins"
  6. So after much research I found the Roosevelt
  7. I've done a Google search and a current ebay search for this year errors and came up with nothing