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  1. Back in the mail to it’s rightful owner, thank you again for the advise!
  2. I would love to do that but I paid about 795$ thinking I was getting a great deal and could probably make a few dollars, I have already started the return process not worth my time and possibly an unhappy buyer from my auction listing, but I do agree I think time in the right hands will help this coin tremendously.
  3. Thank you very much I will check it out! I try to buy and sell and do some collecting myself if I get a nice piece such as I was hoping for this one..
  4. Thank you for the reply, this is what I was thinking but for how much I paid for it I was really hoping it wasn’t the case.
  5. I won this on an eBay auction for what seems to be a fairly popular and reputable eBay store, but I have also purchased from other auction company and have ended up with cleaned coins. I’m hoping this is not the case due to the price I paid and what I hope it to be, but I can get a refund for it if necessary. This is a 1871 seated Liberty one dollar. From the looks at it with the eye there are no scratches that are abnormal or jump out screaming it’s cleaned. It does have a nice reflection in the fields almost proof like I’d say. Once I look at it with my 10xs I can see micro lines but I can’t tell if they’re normal wear or from the mint process or if they’re the child from cleaning. When I look closer with my 20xs and 60xs they start to seem going different directions not all in the same. I’ll try to attach the best pictures I can but it’s hard to get closer then 10xs. If this is cleaned and not visible to the naked eye is there a chance this coin will still make a grading level? Thank you in advance!