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  1. Just Bob go back and read it was graded at a coin dealer and inspected in the city. He bought it. Besides i wouldn't never spend money to have a modern coin put in plastic holders and graded by NGC, ANACS or PCGS. Just to many secondary market buyers. Besides it isn't as rare as something i have.
  2. there now look O/CC careful before calling folks liars.
  3. What finish is that expert VDurt? Plus Proof is written in ENGLISH.
  4. Yep read the cards from the federal reserve that came with them. Not all was, yet some had a deep cam finish. Mine was just Cameo.
  5. First nothing i have said was a lie. This person is a coin dealer in the city i live in and he is the one who made the purchase. I thought this was a professional forum, however it seem to me it is a bunch of punks and clowns. I may not have the experience to know everything but i do have the knowledge to research my own coins. I wanted to give NGC a try but apparently I misunderstood. This isn't NGC grading and coin help, it is just a bunch of middle age men having some power trip that give the good guys bad names. Second rate grading company anyways, what was i even thinking. I should have known there would be squatters here. Sorry this does not go for the one's that are nice and polite on here. This is for the throw it in the trash guys, drill a hole in it guy's, give it to VDirt for analysis guys. So VDirt what exactly are saying and have the nerve to call me a liar about. You don't know me and i don't know you, however you be more polite and a man next time and just as per item and I'd be more than happy to send a photo with your name and a finger in the air if you're going to be arrogant. Polite remarks get polite answers.
  6. Alex in PA i appreciate your answer. Many give silly responses with more jokes than help. This coin was a mint damaged coin. I sent it off. It also sold to an undisclosed buyer for $950. Some junk huh! LoL. If the words had not stayed along the warped rim and also was badly deformed then sure after mint damage. A $949.95 profit isn't bad for something most said to throw away. One even made the notion that i should give it to another on her or annalise. Sorry no turnip truck rides today. I'm still learning but I'm no fool at all. I will continue to check on odd coins i have. By the way i just picked up a 1900 O/CC Morgan, 1896 O DMPL Morgan and S mint sets from 1955 to 1990 all Cameo finished. I also have some Philadelphia proof sets still in the individual bubble pack sleeves for each year. I have considered breaking them up one coin at a time to be sent and graded to achieve MS PR70. What is your opinion? I will put a photo or two. I sent a penny to get your valued opinion on.
  7. That makes sense and the tone must be electroplating, however the busted part was never attached. I will take a better look at it under my Digital Stereo Microscope to get better images.
  8. It's not painted, that much i can assure you. The coin is also larger than a normal Lincoln Cent.
  9. I have this 1953 D Lincoln Wheat Cent that weighs 3.49 grams and appears to be Nickel Clad. I have tried using a magnet on it and it doesn't pick up the coin. Has anyone seen this particular year mint error?
  10. I am looking for opinions on this nickel and what should i do with it.
  11. I agree the coin does have damage but what about the S or 5 in place of the T in TRUST is my question? That wouldn't be damage after mint.
  12. This is my first time here. I am also new to coin collecting. I came across this coin and was wondering if anyone has ever seen this error before. I google searched to only find not one like it so far, therefore i hope to find help here. Thank you for your time.