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  1. Thank you! This makes a lot of sense to me. For some reason I though it is "better to have a set all being the same grade. The financial metric is helpful as well. Looks like you are finding coins that are rare, but not so rare that the price begins rising exponentially. Thank you for your response. I agree the collection does really have an impact on what grade one could collect, I completely agree. I like the idea of completeness as well, if I were to go off my notion that everything should match... then your example shows my anxiety. Most importantly,
  2. Hey Everyone, I am More of a bullion stacker, but am wanting to start collecting coins. There are a couple set I have my eyes set on. I understand the concepts pertaining to exponential values of coins and grading, and I am by no means in a place to build a "best of" set. Is there a grade of coin that is better to stack than others? Am I over thinking? Thank you ahead of time!