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  1. Thanks again! I did not pay for variety attribution. Is it possible to call them and add that to my order before it goes to grading?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't have any good pic's we never noticed it until we put it under the scope. The person who sold it to me thought it was just 1900 O but when she took a second look before I sent them in she noticed the S in the middle of the O. Since it is only scheduled for grading will they have a closer look during grading?
  3. Sent a Morgan in for Grading that I could not find on chart. It is a 1900 O/S which does not show on price guide. I listed it as 1900 O/S however when the submission was scheduled for grading it was listed as 1900 O. The S is clearly visible with a scope so does the fact they listed it as just O mean that they did not think it is O/S or do they make that determination during grading?
  4. How long does it take to be notified by NGC that have received my submissions? Tracked the shipment was signed for on the 20th. I was concerned because of Postal Service but according to them it was signed for on the 20th. Just wondering since I am new to this.

  5. Thanks for your help Lisa just sent another set of Morgans to you for grading. Thanks for the reply Richard,
  6. Thanks and I am sure of that but my question was how do I determine fair market value prior to grading? Richard,
  7. Lisa, Thanks for your reply! Would the grading effected what that value is? If they grade more value than I think they are wouldn't I want to insure for more coming back? Regards, Richard,
  8. That what we thought as well but after placing it under the microscope at least 3 people saw what I saw which was an O stamped over S so that is one I sent to NGC!
  9. Thanks again. That is what I thought for sure and yes I sent registered mail and only sent 4 coins. I may increase that to 10 the next time. What I have is 43 Morgans that have not been circulated! Most are excellent quality but I have to weight what I think they will grade against cost before sending them in. Thanks for your help I have been collecting for a while but this will be my first experience with having them Graded. I have one coin that I could not find it is 1900 Morgan O/S mint and there was no listing in price guide?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I have already sent the coins. I printed the submission form off before I knew about being able to do it online. But I did send the online form to try and correct the mistakes that I made. I sent all under economy before knowing what I was doing. Two of the coins were worth more than the 300.00. Is it best to send just a few coins at a time or send my whole collection of Morgans which is 43 coins?
  11. How does one determine the fair value of coin that is submitted? I am sure I filled the submission form out incorrectly can NGC correct my mistakes?
  12. This is my first time to fill out a submission form so how can I determine fair market value before a coin is graded?