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  1. Hello; There are currently five rectangular coins in the Star Wars Guards of the Galaxy set by NIUE. The first four were PF Antiqued and the last one states MS Antiqued on the label and PF on the registry description. Hopefully this is a label error and can be return for correction so they stay in the same set. The error label is 6245124-003 and the correct are: 6018875-048 5832910-019 5840008-023 6021766-007 Thank you for your attention to this. Randy H
  2. Hello; I have a very cool new coin that I would like to have in a set. However; the country is not even listed as an option. Please 'coinsider' adding a set for: NGC Cert # 2857034-004 NGC Description 2021 Vanuatu Tyrannosaurus Rex Cu-Ag 10g-First Releases 10V NGC Grade MS 70 ANTIQUED Label 0489 Price Guide Value Not Available
  3. No apology needed. With about a billion coins out there I am surprised confusion isn't more common. I will reach out to customer service to see what they want me to do. Thank you Randy H
  4. Do I send both versions of the 2013 NIUE "Year of the Snake" coins back or can you tell me which are misslabeled? Thank you Randy H
  5. I am two for six at crossing over, however; the two that crossed were worth the effort. I wish they could post statistics on the crossover rate.
  6. Hello; NIUE made several different Year of the Snake coins in 2013 and there appears to be some confusion between some. 2853954-002 is not the same as 3691427-017. Appreciate all you do! Have a great day. Randy H
  7. Hello; My 2020 Western Somoa Silver $5 "The Golden Snitch" coin was rejected from the only Somoa set I thought it would fit. Can you review and let me know where it might fit in. 5867025-022 Thank you Randy H
  8. Hello; I believe the NIUE One Dollar, 2011-Date, Proof and Prooflike (Non-Silver) set has two duplicate slots. Slots 9 and 10 are duplicates of Slots 27 and 28.
  9. Hello; Please create a set for the Australian 20c Series, hopefully dedicated to the AC/DC Album Coins. They graded poorly, however; I would still like to group them in a set. 2853508-001 through 2853508-007 2852536-001 through 2852536-007 Have a great weekend. Thank you Randy H
  10. Hello. Thank you for the quick reply. I received the coins back Tuesday. Have a great weekend. Randy H
  11. Hello; Please review the NIUE Silver $2, 2020 Proof and Prooflike Set for corrections to the "Caped Crusader" coins. There are four coins some of them have been mislabeled. I sent them in for relabeling, however; now the slots are not correct for all of these coins and the coins accepted in some of the slots are incorrect. Example: For Slot 12 "Batman - Hush" it will accept 6017662-018 or 5838643-018 which are two different coins. The Slots in question are 10) Batman - Caped Crusader - Antiqued sb. The Kiss - The Caped Crusader 12) Batman - Hush
  12. Hello; Thank you for trying harder, however; I have the $100 version. The slot that I am referring to states it is a $1 coin and I have tried finding that to no avail. Thank you and Have a great day.
  13. Hello; I believe the Simpsons Series 2019 - Date has a coin slot that is not valid. I have yet to find a $1 Gold 1-ounce coin. Thank you
  14. Hello; Please create a new set for the monster 10 ounce OUTATIME License Plates. My numbers are 6087398-001 and 6087398-006. Thank you and have a great day. Randy H
  15. Hello; Can we at least consider the James Bond as a competitive set? If not multiple country then at least the Great Britain? Thank you