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  1. Nice to know. I am a member of the ANA. To bad my first year in had to be basically shut down due to the covid-19 pandemic. I plan on renewing anyways, so hopefully I'll be able to check out the die hard TAMSers lol.
  2. Thanks you. Is this a weekly forum then? Or just a once in a while thing that gets thrown in the mix? After learning what I learned today about tokens, cost, availability and coolness I might have opened a different can of worms lol. I could see this becoming a way to branch off into another interesting hobby.
  3. New to this so please understand if I mess it up lol. I started coin collecting going on 2yrs ago now and just fell in love. I came across this Washington tax token and knew nothing about it except that to me it was sweet. I was doing a little research and to my surprise found out that there is little value or intrest in tokens. It didn't matter to me I didn't fall in love with this hobby for the money. I fell in love because of the history, the craftsmanship, the hunt and the conversations. True die hard numismatics can talk coins all day. I was so happy when I came across this token Tuesday
  4. Very cool! I live I. Gand Rapids MI and have never came across one yet. Thanks for sharing.