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  1. Here is the set I have. This has Sacagewea two uncirculated Denver and Philadelphia and the San Francisco is a Proof coin. My other coin is Proof-like because it looks like the San Francisco and its reflective, mint-state, uncirculated/GEM and shiny. But I Have no idea if its the Glenn Goodacre variety coin and I don't know how I will find it out since they are so rare to find only 5,000 exist with this special dye and in such a good state. I don't want to mess with it too much because I took it out of the holder, it seems to be sensitive but the person who sold it was a coin collector who may not have realized it was valuable. I really hope that it wasn't messed with, that's why I want to get it graded to make sure it wasn't polished or altered. I doubt that it was though, and I know I haven't altered it.
  2. It came in a coin flip, but no official grade other than states GEM 2000P Sacagewea Dollar. I also have Sacagewea Proof coin from San Francisco so it's easier to compare the proof-like finish to the proof coin. I have a set with all three coins from 2000 but I bought a separate 2000P Sacagewea coin which I believe could be from the special Glenn Goodacre dye or Presentation. I am planning on sending them in to be authenticated and graded. I don't see any special designation on NGC coins for the Glenn Goodacre dye variety.
  3. Ok thank you for that clarification. I think it seems just a lot safer and wiser to send it in myself and join the collectors club.
  4. Hi I have a question. Can I get my coin/s graded in person at a local NGS certified dealer?
  5. Can you go to an authorized NGC dealer and get them graded in person? I am wondering this and haven't gotten a response. Do I have to mail it or can I get it graded in person?
  6. Hi I would like to know if I can get my coin graded by a local NGC coin dealer. Is that all I need to do? How do I know this person will know the type of coin variety? Sometimes collectors miss information. There is a coin dealer certified through NGC only about forty minutes from me. Should I mail it in or go to the local person? I want to get an official grade and have it put into the holder etc. so I know how much its worth and can authenticate it.