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  1. Understand your thought, but my situation tells me to sell after so many years of enjoyment. I will pass on a few of the more collectible coins but as of now, the cash has been coming in handy for once in a life time vacations and upgrading my other 'collectibles'. Thanks for the reply..
  2. I hear you 'rons' i guess it looks like the real deal, not like some of the coins i've seen that are bright and shiny but not 'weathered'. I admit that i like the less 'toned' coins but hey, there are people out there that like the difference :-) If i were keeping it and 'passing it on' i would likely clean it... Selling - different story..
  3. Thanks for the info, here is one of the coins - i think, the worst.
  4. Have searched but haven't found anything to help. I have severa coins that were not properly stored and have ended up with various degrees of tarnish - not toning. If i was a buyer, i would never purchase them. The question is there an acceptable way to clean these coing? I have seen coins listed that say 'improperly cleaned' which implied that there might be a correct way to accomplish it without devaluing the coin??
  5. Thanks for your input, i tend to agree, i really have enjoyed the coin all these years even with the hole. it beats out some of the 'normal' coins i've seen over the years, eve some for sale on eBay.. I will leave well enough alone...
  6. I have been properly chastised and appreciate all the feedback.. The 'lady' will remain pure and 'holey' and be put on the market 'as is'! Thanks again folks...
  7. Thanks, will get in touch - i have several high price items that i need to move so could work out... appreciate the help/advice...
  8. good suggestion, i haven't been active here except for getting coins graded for the past few years... worth a try i guess.. The last 'damaged' one that i've seen sold was for just under $4000 - damaged rim..
  9. You could all be right. This is the first one like this i have ever had, it's a beautiful coin.. i could put it on eBay and see what it brings.
  10. No argument, hind sight is great isn't it? I hadn't planned on selling everything but a few things have changed in my life so moving on.
  11. I am now TOTALLY retired, have a HUGE collection to sell, found out that the coin would bring a lot more $ if it was 'plugged'. So - it's about the $$ plain and simple.
  12. I've had this coin for about 30 years, finally got it 'graded'. It's a great coin but would like to make it even better. Anyone know where there is a place to plug the hole?
  13. Hi, i have a beautiful 1795 XF details with a hole in the top. Assuming it was on a necklace. Looking for place to have it repaired. Thanks for any help..