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  1. I have had this 1973-S dime since the 1980's, stiil have the receipt, in the original 2x2 stapled flip. I was looking at it with my new 10x loupe and saw all sorts of dirt and fibers. Pulled it out of the flip and it was still in MS condition. It is going in for grading ASAP.
  2. Speaking of slurpees, my wife wanted one yesterday. I drove to the neighborhood AM/PM picked up a couple more things. $20.16 was the total. I handed the cashier $30 and she asks me if I have 16 cents. They did not have the change, so I go out to my truck to get a quarter, come back, give her the quarter, she gets mad, dumps their change jar on the counter and gives me my nine cents change, no keepers.
  3. lol. Rolled them all up and took them to the bank today. 40+ years of tossing coins in a cigar box mostly gone. Went to a coin shop and bought two graded quarters. A NGC 1960 PF 68 Cameo and a PCGS 1943-D MS64. PCGS I think made a mistake. There is an S mint mark on the reverse. The coin shop and three different banks did not have any mint rolls available.
  4. I decided to only keep the coins that I would submit for grading. I am not a folder collector. Also only going to ask for mint rolls only at the bank.
  5. Ha! I did a lot of research on loupes for coin grading. I read that coin graders use a 10x loupe but will use a microscope if they suspect counterfeits. My collection has dwindled drastically. I am amazed that a coin could have so much eye appeal, then at 10x all the imperfections just pop.
  6. I got my new 10x LED Loupe today. So much better than a penlight and a 4x magnifying glass. Sadly, my collection is being thinned out. I no longer have any Jefferson nickels and only three shield pennies out of close to roll of them. Roosies are next, yikes.
  7. The roll that I was short on was un-crimped like the one on the bottom that I got today.
  8. The State and Mint marks were printed on the wrappers. I dont know if a bank would keep them on the shelf for 12 and 13 years. Might have been turned in by a disinterested collector recently.
  9. The reverse of this quarter is in very good condition, but the obverse has scratches and rim dents.
  10. This is a reject quarter that I just pulled out of a bank roll, but very similar to this edge, dull brown color.
  11. That is why it caught my eye. I wonder where it would have graded at. Can't see the coin edges in a slab. The obverse and reverse had eye appeal, lustre, no major scratches, spots, and even the rims were good. I did not bother to check it with my loupe once I saw the worn edges. I found maybe five State quarters with worn edges stored in clear tubes.
  12. I don't want to post a picture of no ridge 65-98 Washington quarters. Lol. I still have some wrapped rolls of them I need to go through reed checking. Waiting for more coin tubes to come in the mail. I took about 5 out of a loose bunch and 3 out of my saved State quarters.
  13. Thank you Just Bob and Quintus Arrius. Sadly, I must return a few of my Washingtons to my bank. I could not find any answers to my question. It seems all of the grading sites talk about grading the obverse and reverse of the coins, but not the reeded edges.
  14. I have several 65-98 Washington quarters in my collection that are MS grade obverse and reverse, but the reeded edges are worn smooth or near smooth. Do the grading services downgrade if the reeds are worn?