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  1. That are known anyway.. So is that considered doubling above the leaf
  2. That the low leaf not high If its not the high leaf error then what's the leaf on top off the other leaf please explain
  3. Is there any premium value here on this Wisconsin extra high leaf Error......the doubling is on dollar on obverse and on date on reverse... Is this a rare find..
  4. I found this 1984 p dime with a ddo/ddr off center Would this be considered a capped die or broadstrike? Does this dime carry any premium value
  5. Is there any value on this penny other than face value
  6. This 1992D penny with Ddo/ ddr with a rpm to the south of the D is there any value in this penny......
  7. I really dont know It just stands out beside the other nicke look a I have the lettering just alot more bold on it I guess make slight doubling on the 6.....
  8. I found this 1964 nickel Looks different than the the other 1964s I have. Is is there any value in the nickel.....
  9. Is there any value in this 1995 d ddo penny.....
  10. I might be crazy but I think it could be suspect but who really know till it gets there
  11. Another that threw me off rim on the outside where u see the copper layer it's barely visible very tiny gold color in the rim mostly silver colored