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  1. Yea that's makes better sense. I found a 1919 wheat penny. It was tore up, I'd love to have had that in mint state.
  2. I know it's not worth much but it's a cool find.. I was thinking about sending it in to get grading just because it's different to my collection
  3. No not spent as change. A guy just came in and said he was working on a old house and came across it.. I bought it from him because I'd never seen one before.obviously didn't know what it was but as a collector I knew it was a rarity for me. Figured I wouldn't come across a coin like that often.
  4. Ok thanks.. I work at a convenient store and come across a lot of change. When I saw this I had to have it
  5. Hea there, I came across this penny and I'm trying to figure out the actual type. Can anyone help.