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  1. How do we explain the raised dots in front of his ear and the bell outline on his nose and back of his lip that line up with the reverse features? I have also noticed what I think is some moon clash on the top of the E.
  2. It looks like the moon craters clashed in front of his ear, also the bell outline down his nose.
  3. It is a 76, it has the liberty bell and moon on the reverse
  4. 3 raised bumps in front of Ike's ear 1976-D T2
  5. Any idea what may be under the steps? It is in a mint set, so it was tough getting a really clear shot through the plastic.
  6. I believe this has Full Steps, and also it is unique with a large clip and another slight one. It does have a dull finish though. Do you think it is worth having it graded?
  7. Ok, Thanks guys. I have a few other 50's 60's and 70's that were graded by ANACS and NGC as full step, and some do not appear to have as full of steps as this.
  8. I have a few OBW rolls of nickels and have found a couple of nice ones. I was wondering if this had any chance of grading full step.