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  1. I kick myself in the rear quite often.. I didn’t know anything about coins really and lost all but this Cent over the years.(From the proof set I ignorantly opened) The scratches are on the holder.
  2. I removed this from a mint proof set years ago and has been in safe storage since. Also in the set was a completely gold 1975 no s proof dime. This was before I knew any significant guidelines to numismatics. Back to this penny. Is it normal for the coloring to have gold, purple & silver tones. Very difficult to get clear picture that fully catches just how unusually vibrant the tones are. Is this what’s considered “Deep Cameo”?
  3. Almost sure this is a RPM but whAt is wrong to the right of the mint mark? Looks like banana peeled metal..
  4. So to start off this nickel currently weighs in at 4.7 grams. That being said, then considering the composition of 40-50% silver (I believe) of the single known small S 1942 Nickel. It’s not unlikely this coin could’ve seen unusually heavy wear. Also the “S” I’m seeing looks slightly rotated clockwise To the right of Monticello. Is clear enough to see with naked eye or loop. But is near impossible to sight close up. Making me think I’m SEEING PATTERNS*** . Thank you
  5. Greetings fellow Enthusiasts, I have a few coins I want to post on here in order to gather as much intel possible. Attached are some detailed images Of this 1965 LMC. Which appears to have doubling in “Liberty”, “IGWT” heavy on the ‘G’, as well as on date. On reverse it looks like an entire word underneath “America”. All opinions are valued. Thank you. ****UPDATED with images on thread BELOW.**