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  1. This is the only forum I am on. I don't even know who the other 3 are. I hesitate from posting at times because of some the comments I have seen, but I have stayed here because I have learned quite a bit from the majority of the members.
  2. A lot of places I have been seeing and hearing about, they are not rounding to the next Nicole, dime or quarter. They are rounding to the whole dollar. Spoke to a friend in Ohio last night that said places there will not give change at all.
  3. Not to intrude on the OP's post, but at the same time watching and learning I need to ask. To me, from the picture of the edge, it would not appear to be a struck through. I would think if it was struck through the tape, the edge would not appear under the tape. Sorry if I am completely off base and any confusion.
  4. Maybe it has been said and I have just missed it but something I thought of today. Why is there only a coin shortage but not a bill shortage? I have gone into stores with no issues in the world going on and they are running low on dollar bills so will try and get as much as they can from you. But yet now it's only the coins?
  5. This might be better asked in the Ask NGC section of the forum. Only advice I can offer.
  6. Is that a silver bar that was made simply with the obverse and reverse of a coin or is that an actual coin? Man I hate sounding stupid but being there is so much I don't know
  7. That's what I figure as well. Just going off some of the comments I've seen about the modern coins is where my original statement came from. And @Just Bob I have to agree with @Alex in PA.. For someone who really knows squat about collecting such as myself, it really is an insight and pleasure to see the knowledge displayed on this forum by you and others.
  8. I will probably be ridiculed for this but, I love this coin.
  9. Oh I have read through ( not completely of course ) some the threads you mention. And believe me, I am quite jealous of some of the pictures. Not just the coins themselves but the quality of the pics. Now back to the op I didn't mean to hijack the thread
  10. I don't think you were directing anything at me but I still kind of take offense to this statement because it has been said more than once, my phone is all I have. When I first joined and posted pictures I didn't realize just how intricate things could be and felt this would be suitable for the time being. Now that I know better, I would like to get a "proper set up", but alas am unable to do so. I actually was not even aware of the attachments available for the phone camera until Karen pointed it out.
  11. Hate to say it but gonna need better pictures. More close up on the reverse and more in focus. I understand you used your phone, and I wish I could give ya some tips doing that but I have been chided for the same thing and still trying to figure something out lol.
  12. I hate to speak for others but I am fairly certain they will tell you to post some pictures of the obverse, reverse, and edge of the coins. Close and clear pics are great appreciated. Properly oriented as well.
  13. I hear ya and I agree. I just find the whole thing absurd. On another note, mmm Cheetos, I think I figured out dinner haha
  14. @Morpheus1967 believe me, my OCD is having fits with that aspect. @Conder101 I and most people I know consider me to be a very thought out type person. But some of these things are just really escaping me and making me look really stupid lol. You are absolutely correct in being able to pull it apart. I guess I am just way over thinking things.